Download Soja Stock ROM

Download Soja stock ROM in case you need it to revert your device back to its original operating system. Or you simply want to fix issues that effecting your device's performance.

And other benefits of installing Soja stock ROM could be because you want to claim your device's warranty back after being nullified because of rooting or installing other third-party apps or tweaks to optimize your device.

And Soja stock ROM listed on this post is developed, released and maintained by Soja so your device will once again powered with stock ROM.

But since its job to bring back your device to its stock state, that means all the apps or tweaks you flashed outside the default settings will be removed and gone so you are recommended to firstly make necessary backups toward those files to avoid something unwanted as the results after flashing this ROM.

Remember that installing Soja stock ROM requires tools such as SP Flash Tool or Spreadtrum.

Download Soja Stock ROM

Download Soja stock ROM for all models

Use CTRL+F on keyboard then type your device model to find the stock ROM for you. Don't forget to backup your data first before installing the Soja stock ROM.

MODELANDROID ROM VersionDownload LinkFile Size
Soja G3T200 MT6577Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream SandwichDownload225 MB
Soja G3T200 QHDAndroid 4.0.4 Ice Cream SandwichDownload227 MB
Soja S510A MT6572Android 4.2.2 Ice Cream SandwichDownload390 MB
Soja S9220C MT6577Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream SandwichDownload181 MB
Soja S9300B MT6575Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream SandwichDownload171 MB
Soja S9300C MT6572Android 4.2.2 Ice Cream SandwichDownload436 MB
Soja T100 SC8810Android 2.3.5 GingerbreadDownload106 MB
Soja T100A MT6575Android 4.0 Ice Cream SandwichDownload171 MB
Soja T200A MT6572Android 4.2.2 Ice Cream SandwichDownload393 MB
Soja T200B MT6577Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream SandwichDownload229 MB
Soja T200C MT6572Android 4.2.2 Ice Cream SandwichDownload459 MB
Soja T500 MT6572Android 4.2.2 Ice Cream SandwichDownload437 MB
Soja T500A MT6572Android 4.2.2 Ice Cream Sandwich

You need to install IMEI of your device using the IMEI tool provided by the stock ROM.
You can reveal your questions for the further technical supports on the Soja official website.
Don't find the stock ROM for your model? Just write down your request on comment area that's provided.
I hope you find this download Soja stock ROM useful for your need.
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Instructions To Install TWRP On Samsung Galaxy Devices

Full instructions to install TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy devices is here. The post contains the full guides to flash TWRP recovery on Android device with the help of Odin.

Having TWRP custom recovery app installed and running on our device is without doubt will benefit us -- users who wish to root and get their device to next level -- because on TWRP custom recovery we can perform things impossible to be performed on the stock recovery.

We can root our device, we can flash custom firmware, we can perform full backups and other things great.

TWRP is the strong contender of CWM recovery and so far they are both the most used recoveries on the Android realm. Some people prefer one compared the other. But we can all admit that TWRP has a better interface and its touch screen utility makes it more interesting and tempting. But of course those are just additional features.

And on this post I will try to guide you to install TWRP recovery on Android by the help of Odin. Odin is the PC based utility and it's said developed by Samsung and later on leaked for public. And now the tool is used not just for upgrade or downgrading our firmware version, it's for non official activities too like rooting and for installing custom reocveries.

With Odin we can flash the TWRP recovery file to our Android phone. Of course we will need a Windows based computer in the process. As Odin is only supporting Windows operating system.

  • A Windows PC and a USB cable.
  • Enable USB debugging mode.
  • An unlocked bootloader device.
  • Backup your current data.
  • Make sure you follow the guides and don't skip any steps.
Remember that all the risks that could happen during or after the process are yours to bear.

Instructions on How to install TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy devices.

Files you need.
  • TWRP recovery file that supports your device. 
  • You also need to Odin download Odin3 (Grab the latest one guys).
Instructions to install TWRP recovery on Android device.
  1. You need to turn your device off.
  2. Now press and hold the following keys alltogether Volume Down + Home + Power to boot into the download mode. 
  3. When you see the following warning appears on your screen, release all those keys and press Volume Up to access the Download Mode.
    Warning Download Mode
  4. When your device's in Download Mode, just open Odin (The version I use now is v3-07 & click on it two times).
    Odin3 v3.07
  5. When Odin is opened, connect your Android powered device to computer using a USB cable.
  6. Odin will try to identify your device, when you find Added!!!, that means your device's identified by Odin.
    Successfully Connected Phone To PC From Odin
  7. Click the PDA or PA, that depends on your Odin version. Now search the TWRP recovey file you previously downloaded to your computer. Once you find the file, just click on it.
    PDA On Odin
  8. Now click the Start button on Odin for beginning the flashing process.
    Start Odin To Flash Tool
  9. Once the process is done, you will then see. Pass notification indicating that the process was successful.
  10. finish.

How to boot into recovery mode on Android device?

After you have installed TWRP recovery mode, it's time to learn on how to enter to that mode. The steps to boot into recovery mode as follow.
  1. Power off your device.
  2. Now press and hold these keys at the same time; Power + Home + Volume Up. Keep pressing them until you see your device's logo screen, and release all the three buttons once the logo comes to appear on screen.
    How To Boot Into Recovery Mode On Android Device
  3. You are now inside the recovery mode /  TWRP recovery mode.
Any question if you have relating the procedures above? Don't be shy to reveal them on the comment area guys.
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Root Galaxy Note 4 Easily

Root Galaxy Note 4 easily. How to root note 4 tutorial is here for those who wish to gain root access at their Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The processes are quite easy only takes number of steps. And surely we will use the reputable rooting tool from ChainFire which is CF-Auto-Root and for flashing it then we will use Odin. All the files will be provided as the part of the instructions.

Once you have finished to root Galaxy Note 4 of yours then you will have the ability to access to the system core of your device and can make big changes of your device's performances and you can even remove the bloatware you don't need. Root Note 4 is something you need to do in case you wish to make your device running out of default.

However root Galaxy Note 4 will also nullify your device's warranty. In that case you will need to pay for the technical services on Samsung.
Root Galaxy Note 4 Easily

  • Make backups over your precious data.
  • A Windows OS computer and a USB cable.
  • Your Samsung Galaxy Note 4's bootloader should already be unlocked.
  • To temporarily disable your antivirus and Samsung KIES installed on your PC because these kind of software will interrupt Odin from running. Once you have finished with rooting business then you can re-enable them.
  • Don't forget to enable USB debugging mode of Note 4 of yours.
  • Follow all the steps without skipping any steps.
  • Good luck guys.
InstallAndroidROM.CO.UK should not be held responsible for any possible damages or bricks to your device during the rooting processes. Follow the guides written here and all the risks are yours to bear. Okey?
Download the following files and extract them all.

How to root Note 4 with CF-Auto-Root and Odin

Remember that you must follow all the tutorial's steps without you skip any steps.

  1. Shut down your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 now using Power Off button.
    Power Off Samsung Galaxy Device
  2. After your device is completely powered off, then boot to the Download Mode, by pressing and holding these three buttons together; Volume Down + Power + Home.
    Boot Samsung Galaxy Download Mode
  3. A Warning box will show up, release those three buttons then change with pressing the Volume UP button to confirm accessing the Download Mode.
    Warning Download Mode
    Follow the instructions to enter to Download Mode for Samsung Galaxy Note
  4. When you are in the Download Mode, go to your PC then open Odin that you downloaded to your computer, then double-click the file.
    Odin On PC
  5. When Odin is opened, connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to computer using the USB cable.
    Connect Android Device To PC
  6. If Odin has successfully detected your device then you will see a notification saying Added!!!. See the picture below.
    Added Root Odin
  7. Now click on PDA button from Odin to further search for the root file you downloaded earlier to your computer.
    PDA Root Odin
  8. Now click the Start button to begin the installations of the firmware to your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
    Start Root Odin
  9. Odin will start the flashing processes and once it has done it then you will see a notification saying Pass notification.
    Pass Notification Odin
  10. Done.
Source; how to root Samsung Galaxy with CF-Auto-Root and Odin.

You did it my friend because you have successfully followed all the steps to root Note 4 of yours and I hope you find this post useful.
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Download Stock ROM For ZD Real (ZDR) (All Models)

Download Stock ROM for ZD Real (ZDR) (all models). Here is the ZD Real (ZDR) stock ROM for all models. If you want to download stock ROM for your ZD Real (ZDR) device then you can find your model from this post.

With stock ROM installed on your device, then your device will be reverted back to its stock condition. That means your device will be in state like you bought it for the first time.

That will be useful if you want to restore your warranty because of rooting or flashing third party apps that effect of losing your warranty. Or you probably want to fix several technical issues that effecting your device performances negatively. So you are invited to download the ZD Real (ZDR) stock ROM form this post right now.
Download Stock ROM ZD Real (ZDR) (All Models)
Remember to make necessary backups before proceeding to download sections because flashing a stock ROM will erase the data that don't come pre-installed with the stock ROM. And one more thing, your root access, custom ROM, custom recoveries or any other third-party tweaks will be removed by the ZD Real (ZDR) stock ROM.

Use CTRL+F on keyboard then type your device's model to find the ZD Real (ZDR) stock ROM you need.

Download Stock ROM ZD Real (ZDR) (All Models)

MODELANDROID ROM VersionDownload LinkFile Size
ZDR A500Android 4.1 Jelly BeanDownload239 MB
ZDR i99Android 4.2.2 Jelly BeanDownload322 MB
ZDR i1000Android 4.2.2 Jelly BeanDownload348 MB
ZDR i8000SAndroid 4.0.4 Ice Cream SandwichDownload235 MB
ZDR i9000SAndroid 4.0.4 Ice Cream SandwichDownload239 MB
ZDR i9000TAndroid 4.2.1 Jelly BeanDownload361 MB
ZDR S600SAndroid 4.1.1 Jelly BeanDownload897 MB
ZDR W1Android 4.2.2 Jelly BeanDownload257 MB
ZDR W1+Android 4.2.1 Jelly BeanDownload241 MB
ZDR W2Android 4.2.2 Jelly BeanDownload263 MB
ZDR W2TDAndroid 4.2.2 Jelly BeanDownload262 MB
ZDR W3Android 4.2.2 Jelly BeanDownload356 MB
ZDR W3 DreamAndroid 4.2.2 Jelly BeanDownload708 MB
ZDR W4Android 4.2.2 Jelly BeanDownload334 MB
Remember you need to also flash the IMEI using the IMEI tool inside the stock ROM file.
For any technicall supports regarding this topic should be revealed on the ZDR official website.
Be sure you use the comment area on this post to request the stock ROM for your device.
I hope you find this post very useful for your needs.
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Download Original Vivo Stock ROMs For All Models

Here is the list of original Vivo Stock ROMs that you can download to your Vivo smartphones or tablets. The stock ROM contains also the original USB USB drivers, flash tool and flash file.

Download Original Vivo Stock ROMs For All Models

With the stock ROM you can restore your device to reclaim your device's warranty, or fix some technical errors that your device's currently experiencing because of flashing the corrupted tweaks or apps during your quests on optimizing your device.

Stock ROM is very handy to fix the issues and revert back your device to its initiate conditions however I must remind you to make necessary backups before flashing the Vivo Stock ROM because the processes will wipe out your existing data.


Download Original Vivo Stock Rom For All Models

Vivo V15.0Download Firmware
Vivo Y13L4.4.4Download Firmware 1 & 2
Vivo V3*5.1Download Firmware
Vivo Y13T4.2.2Download Firmware
Vivo V3 Max5.1Download Firmware
Vivo Y154.4.2Download Firmware
Vivo X3S4.2.2Download Firmware
Vivo Y15BW4.4.2Download Firmware
Vivo X3SW4.2.2Download Firmware
Vivo Y15CW4.4.2Download Firmware 1 & 2
Vivo X3T4.2.1Download Firmware
Vivo Y15S5.1Download Firmware 1 & 2
Vivo X54.4.2Download Firmware
Vivo Y15T4.2.2Download Firmware
Vivo X5 Max4.4.4Download Firmware 1 & 2
Vivo Y17T4.2.2Download Firmware
Vivo X5 Pro5.0Download Firmware 1 & 2
Vivo Y17W4.2.2Download Firmware
Vivo X6A5.1Download Firmware
Vivo Y18L4.3Download Firmware
Vivo Xplay 3S4.3Download Firmware
Vivo Y215.1Download Firmware
Vivo Xshot X7104.3Download Firmware
Vivo Y21L5.1Download Firmware
Vivo Y114.4.4Download Firmware 1 & 2 & 3
Vivo Y224.2.2Download Firmware 1 & 2 & 3
Vivo Y11iW4.1.2Download Firmware
Vivo Y22il4.4.2Download Firmware
Vivo Y134.2Download Firmware
Vivo Y23L4.4Download Firmware
Vivo Y35A5.0.2Download Firmware
Vivo Y274.4.4Download Firmware 1 & 2 & 3
Vivo Y375.0.2Download Firmware
Vivo Y284.2.2Download Firmware 1 & 2
Vivo Y37A5.0.2Download Vivo Y37A Stock ROM
Vivo Y28L4.4.4Download Vivo Y28L Stock ROM
Vivo Y515.0.2Download Vivo Y51 Stock ROM 1 & 2
Vivo Y315.1Download Vivo Y31 Stock ROM 1 & 2
Vivo Y6134.2.2Download Vivo Y613 Stock ROM
Vivo Y31i5.1Download Vivo Y31i Stock ROM
Vivo Y6224.2.2Download Vivo Y622 Stock ROM
Vivo Y31l5.1Download Vivo Y31l 1 & 2
Vivo Y9274.4.4Download Vivo Y927 Stock ROM
Vivo Y335.0Download Vivo Y33 Stock ROM
Vivo Y9284.4.4Download Vivo Y928 Stock ROM
Vivo Y355.0Download Vivo Y35 Stock ROM
Vivo E12.3.5Download Vivo E1 Stock ROM
Vivo E1T4.0.4Download Vivo E1T Stock ROM
Vivo E34.0.4Download Vivo E3 Stock ROM
Vivo E54.1.1Download Vivo E5 Stock ROM
Vivo S32.3.5Download Vivo S3 Stock ROM
Vivo S3 Plus4.0.4Download Vivo S3 Plus Stock ROM
Vivo S74.1.2Download Vivo S7 Stock ROM
Vivo S7T4.0.4Download Vivo S7T Stock ROM
Vivo S9T4.1.2Download Vivo S9T Stock ROM
Vivo S114.1.1Download Vivo S11 Stock ROM
Vivo S11T4.0.4Download Vivo S11T Stock ROM
Vivo X5L4.4.2Download Vivo X5L Stock ROM
Vivo Y556.0Download Vivo Y55 Stock ROM  1 & 2
Vivo Y19T4.2.1Download Vivo Y19T Stock

Keep in Mind.
Flash IMEI too. Once you have flashed the Vivo Stock ROM based on your device's model, then do not forget to also install the IMEI with the IMEI tool that comes with the Vivo Stock ROM. And be sure to flash the IMEI that's originally from your Vivo device.
Support. Any further questions regarding the Stock ROM should be revealed on the Vivo's official website.
Request Stock ROM. You don't find the Vivo Stock ROM for your model from the above list then you can request to us on the provided comment area.
Hope you find this post useful.
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