Google Messenger Updated With Quick Reply Support

This one was recently taken from the Messenger application realm news, Google has just added the ability to respond to SMS from the notifications bar or widely and popularly known, quick reply.


Google Messenger App
It is about time! Available for lease in CyanogenMod, reply from the notifications bar is truly a welcome feature. Indeed, it is quicker to respond directly from the notification rather than having to open the application itself, and then head to the conversation continued with typing the message as responses.

Google Messenger Quick Respond App

Albeit Google has added the ability to respond to SMS, but unfortunately as for now it is not possible to send images through this. But the Mountain View giant has the answer and offers it in the answer field, a link to open the application.


Other applications have preceded Google to offer this feature, but the most bizarre is that Google itself has not built earlier. Moreover, Hangouts not even enjoys an update to support this function.

Google has also added a new Widget which will make us possible to engaging the conversations directly from our phone's home screen.

Google Messenger Widget To Answer SMS Directly From Home Screen

The new widget can show and open up the entire conversation.

To download Google Messenger, you can head to this link (Google Play Store page).
At launch, you'll be asked if you want to make it your default SMS application and if you agree then you can answer any messages directly from your notification bar to your friends.

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