How To Silence Keyboard Typing Sound On Android?

Each time you press a key on the virtual keyboard on your smartphone or Android tablet, vibration or sound is played? That could be disturbing you especially if you don't want people know you are typing.

If you want to silent the keyboard sound while typing then you are in luck in this post you will be correctly guided.

How To Silence Keyboard Typing Sound On Android?

Here's how to disable them by muting the input sound while typing.

  1. In the application list, touch the icon Settings.
  2. Touch the Language & input.
  3. Touch the icon Settings next to Google Keyboard . If the keyboard is not installed, you can download it from Google Play.
  4. Then uncheck the boxes Vibrate on keypress and Sound on keypress.
  5. Done.
You will not be bothered anymore with keyboard typing sound and the people around you since you have turned off the keyboard input sound on your Android.

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