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BBM Flat Light V-2 APK

BBM Flat Light V-2 apk. Hi guys, today I would like to inform to you all about the existance of a cool BBM mod namely BBM Flat Light version 2 that's already been upgraded for And for anyone who wish to install it then you are invited to. Therefore to those searching for a good BBM mod then this one is recommended by me.


Aside of that BBM Mod Flat Light v2 is also armed with so many cool features for you to enjoy, among them is reload, upload font, move to SD card, privacy mode with password and other awesome features. And of course these features are specifically designed to your like.

Anyway here they are guys.

Feature list of BBM Flat Light V-2
  • View / grid with animation scroll (Updated).
  • There is rounded DP setting.
  • Privacy mode with password.
  • You can post picture to Facebook.
  • On / off for full Display Picture.
  • Move to sd card feature.
  • Hide / show sponsor is here.
  • Set Boom text.
  • There is enter key.
  • Can upload font.
  • Refresh.
  • And many other features.
Screenshot of BBM Flat Light V-2
BBM Flat Light V-2

Thanks for the modder, Izzan Nouvian.
Download BBM Flat Light V-2 apk with file size 15.23MB.
  • Download BBM Flat Light versi 2, BBM apk via Mediafire.
Hope you like the BBM Mod guys.


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