Thursday, July 30, 2015

BBM Mod Dark Wood Themes V APK

BBM Mod Dark Wood Themes V apk can be downloaded here, the modder of the BBM Mod has upgraded his beloved toy to support the current version of BlackBerry Messenger application. And at the same time the modder is now inviting anyone to give its modified version of BBM a try on their Android OS device.


So if you like a wood theme based smartphone or tablet, then you should have this BBM mod installed now. And not to mention the features offered by it to which increase your experience using it. But unfortunately there neither clone nor transparent feature within the mod, not to worry because you can visit BBM mod transparent apk I previously shared on this blog and you can pick one among those BBM mods you like.

And BBM Mod Dark Wood is already equipped with number of interesting features, among them are Animation list, free sticker and portal beta2 feature. Beside that, you can find yourself other features planted by the modder once you have it installed and let it running on your smartphone or tablet.

And one thing for sure this BBM mod is free to install, so you will not need to spend any money, just download the apk file.

See the screenshot of it.

Screenshot BBM Mod Dark Wood Themes V
BBM Mod Dark Wood Themes V


Thanks to the Mifta Hry as the mod of this BBM mod.
Download BBM Mod Dark Wood Themes V apk.
  • Download BBM Free Sticker via Mediafire apk; 22.21MB.
  • Download BBMv2.9.0.49DarkWood2ByMiftaHry.apk via Mediafire; 18.66MB.