Thursday, July 23, 2015

BBM Mod Simple Transparent Apk For

Here is BBM mod simple transparent apk for version with Full DP + New BBM that is offering so many features for those who have updated to the And of course this BBM Mod apk is free to install to any Android based smartphone or tablet. And if you own such device you can simply grab the apk file and then install it like installing any other Android apk based file on your device.


The features offered by BBM mod simple transparent are great too, you are invited to give this mod a try and then enjoy everything there. Your friends, if they see this mod, would likely like it and who knows they may want to install it as well. If that's happening, just point them to this post so they can grab the apk file from here.

The famous features like move to sd card, auto rotation, block read status, reload button and running text are there. And those are not all, there are more features wait for you to enjoy. And below is the complete list you can study. So I invite you to read them. Remember this apk file is free no need for you to buy guys.

Features list of BBM Mod simple transparent full DP + New BBM.
  • Full Transfaran
  • Movable To SDCard
  • Auto Rotation
  • Enable Auto Text
  • Blok Read Status
  • Flexible Rounded DP
  • Hide/Show Sponsore
  • Reload Button
  • Custom Font
  • Full DP
  • Running Text
  • Enter Key
  • ListView Animasi
  • Icon Pack
  • Private Mode
  • Chat Bubble
  • Show Ploating
  • Size 16MB
BBM Mod simple transparent full DP + New BBM screenshot.

BBM Simple Transparent Versi

Thanks to Dimas Alfi as modder for this BBM mod.
BBM mod transparent apk.
Download link for BBM Mod Transparent Versi Apk (File Size 16MB).