Thursday, July 30, 2015

Droid Chat! v5.7.27 Blue Jeans BBM Mod APK

Droid Chat! v5.7.27 Blue Jeans apk is here now and has been released to support the version considered new one, which is BBM, and you are able to install the BBM mod right here and right now to your Android OS based smartphone or tablet, and it's a free application no need to spend even a penny to do so.


Like it's written, that Droid Chat! v5.7.27 Blue Jeans BBM Mod has Blue Jeans theme of course you will have the jeans theme dominating the interface. As for me, it's cool and I like wearing jeans therefore having a blue jeans theme based BBM Mod is also great option for me. Not to mention that this BBM mod has dual-BBM feature or clone version, that means you will have two BBM at the same time on your device.

And there are other cool features planted by the modder for you to use like move to SD card, ping boom, reload, automatic rotation, and other features wait for you to enjoy. And for you pleasure I will also tell you the whole features of it in the following list, so you can study what you will get once it's fully installed on your Android operating system phone or tablet.

Feature list of Droid Chat! v5.7.27 Blue Jeans BBM Mod
  • There is Display Picture shpe.
  • Dcsms with privacy mode too.
  • Full and cropd DP is also here.
  • Boom ping.
  • Refresh.
  • Show or hide sponsore
  • Move to SD Card is available too,
  • Auto rotation.
  • There is clone version too.
Screenshot of Droid Chat! v5.7.27 Blue Jeans BBM Mod
Droid Chat! v5.7.27 Blue Jeans Theme V

Mod by Arz.
BBM Mod Transparent (New And Complete Collections).

Download links of BBM2 Blue Jeans apk with file size; 17.46 MB.
  • Download Dual-BBM Blue Jeans Droid Chat 5.7.27 apk (Not clone).
  • Download BBM2 Mod Droid Chat v5.7.27 versi apk (Clone).