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BBM Mod Full Transparan APK

BBM Mod full transparent apk is now available and being shared for free to be downloaded and installed for those who have Android OS based smartphone or tablet, whereas this transparent theme BBM mod is popular enough and searched by Android users who wish to have new nuance and unique as their BBM app instaled on their smartphone or tablet.


And today Install Android ROMs blog is trying to share the BBM mod full transparent apk for is already upgraded to version, and then you can change the background to any pictures, images or photos.

Not only transparent theme that's offered by this BBM Mod, it is also offering many other features one of which is clone that means you can have two BBM apps at the same time in your smart device.
So if you wish to download and install this BBM mod full transparent then you are welcomed.

Feature lists of BBM Mod full transparan BBM
  • Move to SD Card.
  • Can hide or show sponsor.
  • Full DP (Can be set to On or Off).
  • Custom font.
  • Post image to Facebook.
  • Lock mod.
  • Clone version.
Screenshot BBM mod full transparent versi
BBM Mod Full Transparan V.
Thanks to Fendy Manx as the modder of this BBM.
If you want more options, then you are invited to visit the BBM mod transparent apk.

Please to visit the link to download BBM mod apk, file size is 15.1MB.

Download BBM mod full transparan apk via App.Box.

Source BBM mod transparan apk baru dan lengkap.


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