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Download BQ USB Drivers

Here is a list of BQ USB Drivers for any BQ users to find their phone's model then download the BQ USB driver for their phone. With BQ USB driver, a user can connect his / her device to computer without the need to install any additional software. Just plug it then it's connected.


Once your device's connected to computer, then you can transfer file from your computer to your phone, and otherwise. You will find this USB driver utility very handy for file / data transferring activity. And all the USB drivers here are originally from BQ and can be downloaded and installed for free.

Are you interested? Then you may continue to the following list below. Find your model from the list guys.

Download BQ USB Drivers

No.BQ Smartphone Model NumberDrivers
1BQ E1Download
2BQ E2Download
3BQ F100Download
4BQ i90Download
5BQ N2Download
6BQ S35Download
7BQ S36Download
8BQ S37Download
9BQ S38Download
10BQ S39Download
11BQ S40Download
12BQ S50Download
13BQ S60Download
In case you do not find your phone model from the above list, then you can download the universal BQ USB driver from this, it works with all BQ phone device models.


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