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Download BBM-ID Mod Multi PIN And Multi Themes APK

Download BBM-ID Mod Multi PIN and Multi Themes (Transparent + Standard + Dark) v2.9.0.51 apk is here now specifically for friends, this BBM Mod is great enough and is recommended for visitors and readers of this blog. That's because this BBM mod desain and background can be changed and there are three options to choose. That's the goodies offered by BBM Mod.


These background changing features are great if you want to select themes, there are dark, standard, and transparent background. Each of the theme can be selected through Settings area. For standard and dark theme can be configured by changing its color according your wish. As the transparent theme can be replaced with your photo or pictures or any other images of your choice.

And this BBM Mod multi pin and multi theme is also spoiling us with other great features which is cloning, with it you can have two BBM at the same time on one single smartphone or tablet. And also there is load font from SDcard, free sticker backup, enter key can be set to on or off, hiding or showing sponsor, and many other features.

If you like, then you can download this BBM Mod, do it guys.

Complete features of BBM-ID Multi themes v2.9.0.51.
  • BBM Mod transparent
  • Backup sticker of your BBM.
  • Hide or show sponsor via RU.
  • There is load font from SDcard.
  • DP can be changed without crop.
  • Load font.
  • Privacy mode with password.
  • Auto set can be set.
  • Bling notification.
  • Enter key can be set to On or Off.
  • Moodding BBM via setting.
  • Menu can be shown or hided.
  • Change the form of DP via settings to select rounded DP.
  • There are three themes to choose which are transparent, standard and dark.
  • Clone.
BBM-ID Multi Theme v2.9.0.51 Multi PIN

Thanks to Ardik Didianto (Cyber4rd) as the modder of this BBM-ID Multi Tema apk.
If you like then you can download the apk file of the BBM-ID multi tema multi pin and there are two links to download, one link for clone version and non-clone, download two of them.

Versi BBM Multi PIN / clone.

  • Download App BBM-ID Mod Versi Multi PIN Multi theme via ZippyShare.
Versi BBM standard.

  • Download apk BBM-ID Mod Multi Theme via ZippyShare.
How to change the theme of this BBM2 Mod.
  1. Open the BBM-ID on handset OS Android of yours, then swipe to left to select Mod Setting.
  2. On Settings mode, just Select Theme to choose the theme and you can also change the color, incoming and outcoming bubble color.
    Cara Ganti Background BBM-ID Mod
  3. There are other options there for you to choose.
Hope you like this BBM-ID Multi theme v2.9.0.51 and enjoy it guys.


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