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Download Gapps For All Android 7 Nougat Custom ROMs

Download Gapps for all Android 7 Nougat custom ROMs. You can download and then install these Google Apps on the Android device powered with a custom ROMs, such as CyanogenMod, AOSP, CarbonROM, AOKP, SlimROM, crDroid, Helios, XenonHD and more.

As we know that most of the custom ROMs that are based on AOSP are not armed with Gapps, therefore we need to install Gapps separately after installing the custom ROM. So considering that condition, many Android developers have decided to compile all the Google apps such as Gmail, Chrome, Youtube, Google+, Google Docs, Google Play Store, etc into one single zip file and provided the zip file online for the Android custom ROM users to use on their devices.


And the Google apps for Android Nougat 7.0 ROM here are coming in the various sizes, there is smaller size and bigger size, from 50 MB until the 400 MB size. Choose the one you think it's best for your need.
Download Gapps For All Android 7 Nougat Custom ROMs
  • Installing this Gapps zip file requires your Android device to already have either CWM or TWRP recovery installed. If you haven't done it, then head to the tutorials to install TWRP recovery on any Android devices guys.
  • Prepare your computer and a USB cable as well because they are needed for zip files transferring from your PC to your Android device.
  • Make sure that you already have enabled USB debugging mode. If you haven't done it, then go to how to enable USB debugging mode.
  • Charge your device's battery power if you consider it's not sufficient to perform the guides here.
  • Make sure you already have a custom ROM running such as CWM, SlimROM, AOSP, etc before flashing the Google Apps / Gapps zip file.

Download Gapps zip files for  all Android 7.0 Nougat custom ROMs

The Stock Android Nougat Gapps (490 MB) 
Full Android Nougat Gapps (441 MB) 
Mini Android Nougat Gapps (228 MB) 
Micro Android Nougat Gapps (142 MB) 
Nano Android Nougat Gapps (91 MB) 
Pico Android Nougat Gapps (49 MB) 

How to install Gapps zip file to your Android device?

Installing the Google Apps zip file is similar like you installing the custom ROM on your Android, you need the CWM or TWRP recovery, then flash the Gapps zip by tapping the Install button on TWRP main menu then search for the Gapps zip file that you have stored on your device's SD card / storage guys.


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