Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Download Original Vivo Stock ROMs For All Models

Here is the list of original Vivo Stock ROMs that you can download to your Vivo smartphones or tablets. The stock ROM contains also the original USB USB drivers, flash tool and flash file.

Download Original Vivo Stock ROMs For All Models

With the stock ROM you can restore your device to reclaim your device's warranty, or fix some technical errors that your device's currently experiencing because of flashing the corrupted tweaks or apps during your quests on optimizing your device.

Stock ROM is very handy to fix the issues and revert back your device to its initiate conditions however I must remind you to make necessary backups before flashing the Vivo Stock ROM because the processes will wipe out your existing data.


Download Original Vivo Stock Rom For All Models

Vivo V15.0Download Firmware
Vivo Y13L4.4.4Download Firmware 1 & 2
Vivo V3*5.1Download Firmware
Vivo Y13T4.2.2Download Firmware
Vivo V3 Max5.1Download Firmware
Vivo Y154.4.2Download Firmware
Vivo X3S4.2.2Download Firmware
Vivo Y15BW4.4.2Download Firmware
Vivo X3SW4.2.2Download Firmware
Vivo Y15CW4.4.2Download Firmware 1 & 2
Vivo X3T4.2.1Download Firmware
Vivo Y15S5.1Download Firmware 1 & 2
Vivo X54.4.2Download Firmware
Vivo Y15T4.2.2Download Firmware
Vivo X5 Max4.4.4Download Firmware 1 & 2
Vivo Y17T4.2.2Download Firmware
Vivo X5 Pro5.0Download Firmware 1 & 2
Vivo Y17W4.2.2Download Firmware
Vivo X6A5.1Download Firmware
Vivo Y18L4.3Download Firmware
Vivo Xplay 3S4.3Download Firmware
Vivo Y215.1Download Firmware
Vivo Xshot X7104.3Download Firmware
Vivo Y21L5.1Download Firmware
Vivo Y114.4.4Download Firmware 1 & 2 & 3
Vivo Y224.2.2Download Firmware 1 & 2 & 3
Vivo Y11iW4.1.2Download Firmware
Vivo Y22il4.4.2Download Firmware
Vivo Y134.2Download Firmware
Vivo Y23L4.4Download Firmware
Vivo Y35A5.0.2Download Firmware
Vivo Y274.4.4Download Firmware 1 & 2 & 3
Vivo Y375.0.2Download Firmware
Vivo Y284.2.2Download Firmware 1 & 2
Vivo Y37A5.0.2Download Vivo Y37A Stock ROM
Vivo Y28L4.4.4Download Vivo Y28L Stock ROM
Vivo Y515.0.2Download Vivo Y51 Stock ROM 1 & 2
Vivo Y315.1Download Vivo Y31 Stock ROM 1 & 2
Vivo Y6134.2.2Download Vivo Y613 Stock ROM
Vivo Y31i5.1Download Vivo Y31i Stock ROM
Vivo Y6224.2.2Download Vivo Y622 Stock ROM
Vivo Y31l5.1Download Vivo Y31l 1 & 2
Vivo Y9274.4.4Download Vivo Y927 Stock ROM
Vivo Y335.0Download Vivo Y33 Stock ROM
Vivo Y9284.4.4Download Vivo Y928 Stock ROM
Vivo Y355.0Download Vivo Y35 Stock ROM
Vivo E12.3.5Download Vivo E1 Stock ROM
Vivo E1T4.0.4Download Vivo E1T Stock ROM
Vivo E34.0.4Download Vivo E3 Stock ROM
Vivo E54.1.1Download Vivo E5 Stock ROM
Vivo S32.3.5Download Vivo S3 Stock ROM
Vivo S3 Plus4.0.4Download Vivo S3 Plus Stock ROM
Vivo S74.1.2Download Vivo S7 Stock ROM
Vivo S7T4.0.4Download Vivo S7T Stock ROM
Vivo S9T4.1.2Download Vivo S9T Stock ROM
Vivo S114.1.1Download Vivo S11 Stock ROM
Vivo S11T4.0.4Download Vivo S11T Stock ROM
Vivo X5L4.4.2Download Vivo X5L Stock ROM
Vivo Y556.0Download Vivo Y55 Stock ROM  1 & 2
Vivo Y19T4.2.1Download Vivo Y19T Stock

Keep in Mind.
Flash IMEI too. Once you have flashed the Vivo Stock ROM based on your device's model, then do not forget to also install the IMEI with the IMEI tool that comes with the Vivo Stock ROM. And be sure to flash the IMEI that's originally from your Vivo device.
Support. Any further questions regarding the Stock ROM should be revealed on the Vivo's official website.
Request Stock ROM. You don't find the Vivo Stock ROM for your model from the above list then you can request to us on the provided comment area.
Hope you find this post useful.