Saturday, April 8, 2017

Download & Install Stock ROM On Cubot X10

Here we will try to download and install stock ROM on Cubot X10 phone, and the stock ROM is provided on this post for you to download. And also the instructions to install the ROM is elaborated clearly and neatly. We will use SPFlash tool to flash the firmware, why? Because the Cubot is Mediatek chipset based device therefore flashing the firmware takes SPFlash tool.

Once your Cubot X10 using the stock ROM then your lost device's warranty will be restored, your warranty is coming back to live. And all the existing issues (If there are) like bootloop or softbrick will be fixed. So that's the whole benefits you will enjoy if Fflashing the stock ROM on your smart device.


If you are interested then let's flash the stock ROM without further words.

Download & Install Stock ROM On Cubot X10

Benefits of flashing stock ROM.
  • Can fix bootloop on your device.
  • Can unbrick your device.
  • Can restore your device's warranty.
  • Can fix all the existing technical issues on your device.
  • Will make your device looks like a new one!

Disadvantage of stock ROM.
  • Your root access will be removed.
  • Custom ROM will be removed.
  • Custom recoveries will be removed.

Download stock ROM for Cubot X10

  • Firstly go to this link to register.
  • Then after signed-up, an email will be sent to your inbox.
  • Then login, afterward download the following stock ROM, Cubot.
Download FileDescription
ROM 1 - Cubot X10 - Update V02SPMTKJFF811CUBOTP05V02 – KOT49H – V1_WCDMA
ROM 1 - Cubot X10 - Update V02 - Update 07/17/2015SPMTKJFF811CUBOTP05V02 – KOT49H – V1_WCDMA- 07/17/2015 (Not compatible with ROM 2)
ROM 2 - Cubot X10SPMTKJFF812CUBOTP05V01 – KOT49H – V1_WCDMA (Not compatible with ROM 1)
ROM 2 - Cubot X10 - Update 06/26/2015SPMTKJFF812CUBOTP05V01 – KOT49H – V1_WCDMA – 06/26/2015 (Not compatible with ROM 1)
ROM 2 - Cubot X10 - Update 07/15/2015SPMTKJFF812CUBOTP05V01 – KOT49H – V1_WCDMA – 07/15/2015 (Not compatible with ROM 1)
ROM 2 - Cubot X10 - Update 08/15/2015SPMTKJFF812CUBOTP05V01 – KOT49H – V1_WCDMA – 08/15/2015 (Not compatible with ROM 1)
ROM 2 - Cubot X10 - Update 08/25/2015SPMTKJFF812CUBOTP05V01-20150825 – KOT49H – V1_WCDMA – 08/25/2015 (Not compatible with ROM 1)
ROM 2 - Cubot X10 - Update 11/27/2015SPMTKJFF812CUBOTP05V01-20151127 – KOT49H – V1_WCDMA – 11/27/2015 (Not compatible with ROM 1- Latest Update

How to flash Cubot X10 stock ROM?

What you need.

How to install stock ROM on Cubot X10?

Backup your data before going to flash the stock ROM.

  1. Open SPFlash tool on your PC.
    Install Stock ROM On Android SP Flash Tool Tutorials
  2. Then to the Download tab to further click the Scatter Loading button, look the picture below.
    Scatter File Stock ROM Install
  3. You can now browse the Stock ROM file wrapped in the .txt extension you saved on your PC.
    Install Stock ROM on Lenovo Device
  4. SPFlash tool will load the stock ROM scatter file.
  5. Now click the Download button.
    How to install Lenovo A616 stock ROM
  6. Remove your device's battery while your phone is turned off (Remember while your phone's turned off or if your device's battery un-removable just connect USB to PC then connect to your device while pressing Up button).
  7. Connect USB cable to PC then connect USB cable to your device, then put the battery back to your while pressing Volume Up (+) or Volume Down button, this will begin the flashing process.
  8. Wait for the flashing process to finish, you can take a cup of tea while waiting, :)).
  9. When you see this round green notification that means the stock ROM was successfully installed, congratulation then guys.
    Install Lenovo Stock ROM Tutorials
  10. Disconnect your device from USB cable then put back your device's battery to its place, if it's removed earlier.
  11. Then place the battery again on the of yours and then power on your device.