Definition, Function And What Is Root Android?

Definition, function and what is root Android? For those who are not familiar about what exactly the root Android is and its function can read this post.

The definition of root. Root is an account system that has absolute control to access and execute all files, commands and systems within the Linux based operating system. To short the story, root has unlimited access and can alter, delete, add, or even corrupt everything inside your Android phone system.


In other word root Android means to hack your device’s system for us (as the owner) to have full access to the root account, so we will be the real ruler of our own device.

What is the function of root Android?

The function of rooting an Android is to grant a full right to user to access their Android’s system. By rooting, a user can add, reduce and modify the files or data stored within the Android system. The capability can not be enjoyed if your phone is not rooted. Just like in Windows operating system, we need to have administrator right to do things forbidden to regular users.

Root Android OS

Why you should root your Android device?

The reason people root their Android are to enjoy these things;

  1. To have an unlimited access to their Android system.
  2. To install apps on memory card and install any apps that require root access.
  3. To uninstall all the apps planted by your device’s vendors and carriers — most of the apps are useless and eat many spaces of your phone. Therefore it’s better to get rid of them once for all.
  4. To backup app and system.
  5. To install Android custom ROM — the non-official ROMs released by Android third-parties developers to enrich our Android device’s environment and boost up our Android capabilities.
  6. To have a full access to files of Android system.
  7. To overclock processor entirely to improve our Android performances (this will also drain your battery rapidly).

Root Android

The easiest way to root Android is using SuperOneClick, this freeware can run on either Windows or Linux (Ubuntu and Debian) operating system.


SuperOneClick can be downloaded on XDA developers forum or

That’s all about root Android and what exactly is. If you have any question then do not be shy to reveal it on the provided comment area.

Useful post activate developer options and enable USB debugging on all Android versions.

Tools to root Android.

Here are the names of rooting tools that are commonly used by Android users, and I have compiled two lists to separate which tool that requires the involvement of a computer and which that don’t.

Root tools names that don’t require the use of computer.

Using the following tools you don’t need a computer to root your Android device all the rooting process can be performed directly on your smartphone or tablet. The name of root tools are.

Root tools names that require a computer.

Well if your device aren’t supported with the above tools, that means you will need a computer to perform rooting and then you can utilize the following root tool to bring root access to your Android smartphone or tablet.


Of course the simpler process is by rooting Android without pc, it’s not every time we sit at computer, thus having to connect our phone to computer for downloading and installing the root app can be a problem if for some condition we are far from computer. But still the rooting process using a computer is fast too. That’s all explanation about what is root Android. Hope you found this post useful.

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