What Is Hard Reset Android?


What is hard reset Android? Hard reset (or factory reset) is a way to bring your Android device back to its initiate condition or known to its original settings / condition. What is happening during hard-resetting Android? All the apps including games will be deleted, except the preinstalled apps like messages, Google Play Store, Music, Phones, Gallery, etc will stay intact.

Android itself owns three parts of memories which are system storage, internal storage, and SDCard storage (/ext-sd). So if you perform a hard reset toward your Android device then all data (photos, game data, files) within internal storage will be deleted.


Therefore before you perform a hard reset activity toward your device, make sure you firstly take off your microSD then check your gallery to make sure the photos and gallery are still there or not. If there are, then move them to your memory card before hard-resetting activity is performed.

Hard Reset Android

Preparation before hard-resetting your Android.

  • Make sure you have moved your photos, pictures, musics or other data from your internal memory to your memory card.
  • Make sure you have backup all necessary data. Why you need backups? Well if something went awfully bad afterward then you can restore to previous condition.
  • Make sure you battery power is sufficient because sky will fall if your device suddenly shutting down during hard-reset.

How to backup before hard resetting your Android device.

  • Backup your contacts -> Open Settings -> Synchronize (Sync). Sync contact via Gmail or open the Contact app itself, then tap on Menu -> Export to Sdcard, move contact backup file (.vcf extension) to your Memory card. After you have finished hard resetting your device then you can restore your contacts by going to Menu then choose Import from SDCard.
  • Backup your SMS -> Backing up SMS can be done by using an app namely SMS BACKUP & Restore. Be sure the backup is also being moved to SDCard before hard resetting your device.

So will Memo, Opera Mini savepage, Browser History, game data can be backup?

Sure, but this kind of backup can only be performed if your Android phone is rooted. If you have a rooted phone then you can backup a certain app or game by using a popular app like Titanium Backup. Thus if you wish to use the app you get to firstly root your Android OS.


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