Complete Guides To Root Android With WeakSauce


This is tutorials to root Android with WeakSauce, the rooting tool released by JCase XDA recognized developer member, that brings root access to several HTC One without the need to unlock bootloader or obtaining S-OFF. WeakSauce doesn’t require a smartphone to be connected to computer as well. All processes be performed directly through the smartphone itself.

We should thank to Android developers like JCase and the kind for delivering great applications for free and to be used to gain root access for the device we earned with our money. And then do anything our heart content without being limited as a guest. Of course when we buy a smartphone, we wish we can do things we want in order to double its performance.


Read about What is root Android?

WeakSauce does a good job for that. However it’s a temporary root, meaning it will re-root your device each time rebooting, but no worry the re-rooting process is entirely automatic without your notice. And one more thing, currently WeakSauce doesn’t support ART runtime mode (at least when this post is written) and you need to enable Dalvik mode too through Developer Options (Go to activate Developer Options post to learn about the process).

Well I guess you have fully understood everything about weaksauce now it’s time to root your Android device using the tool.

WeakSauce Android Tool

Things to note and do before beginning.

  1. Make a backups, I know the process is pretty simple and safe. But still having backups always be better.
  2. Enable Unknown Sources option, since we will directly install WeakSauce, thus this option should firstly be enable. Go to Settings -> Security -> Check Unknown Sources.
  3. Have a sufficient battery power.
  4. Weaksauce will void your device’s warranty.
  5. There is no need to use a computer, a USB cable or a USB driver.

Now let’s begin to learn the instructions.

Complete guides to root Android with WeakSauce


  1. Use your phone’s browser then download WeakSauce apk from this page (XDA Developer Forum) then extract the zip file.
    Extract Weak Sauce Zip File
  2. And then install the APK file to your phone. Access the apk file using a file manager.
    WeakSuace Android Root
  3. Once it’s installed, the WeakSauce icon should be available on your phone’s app drawer or anywhere, then tap on it to open it.
    Root Android WeakSauce
  4. Once it’s open it run it for the rooting process to begin.
  5. Great now your phone is rooted.

Install SuperSu from Play Store.

Now to avoid any apps to use your root access without your consent, then you need to install SuperSu app from Chainfire. With this app each time an app asking a root access request should be firstly granted by your approval.

How to unroot with WeakSauce

If you wish to unroot your rooted Android using Weak Sauce, you can simply uninstall the Weaksauce, then uninstall Supersu as well, then perform a hard reboot (adb reboot). There your device will be unrooted.

Android devices supported by WeakSauce.

Here are the names of Android based phones supported by WeakSauce rooting tool.

  • HTC One M8.
  • HTC One M7.
  • Droid DNA.
  • And a few other HTC phone powered with Android 4.4.4 KitKat.


Weaksauce is one of the great alternatives available to root our Android without the need to use a computer, everything can be done directly from our phone, and the process is also simple as one two three. Thus this tool deserves to be recommended to anyone with the supported Android phones to give this tool a try. And see you again in the next root Android tutorials from Install Android ROMs blog.


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