Flash CM12.1 Nightlies On International Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE

The official CM12.1 Nightlies ROM is released recently and it’s designed to bring a modified Android 5.1 Lollipop to the International based Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE.

And you are invited to flash the ROM to your phone if you want. And you will be guided with manual installations from this post.


CM12.1 Android 5.1 Lollipop ROM is based on AOSP Android 5.1 Lollipop and it is a great ROM there is no doubt it. We are offered with features, stability, smoothness, fast and stability. So it can be used as our daily drivers. To install it manually you can follow the full instructions from below. We will elaborate the steps based for CWM and TWRP users. But please to firstly read the precondition points beforehand.


  • Be sure you firstly make necessary backups before starting, and you will be guided to make Nandroid backup.
  • Remember do not try this ROM if your device is not International Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE.
  • Your International Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE, should already be rooted.
  • Be sure you firstly enable USB debugging mode of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE.
  • CWM or TWRP recovery should already be installed.
  • CM12.1 doesn’t come with Gapps preinstalled, therefor we will installed separately.
  • Have a computer with a USB cable.
  • Install the ROM and follow the guides here at your own risk. Do not blame anyone including me if anything goes wrong during / after the process.
  • Make sure your tablet has a sufficient battery power.

Files you need.

Install CM12.1 Android 5.1 ROM on International Galaxy Note 3 LTE using CWM recovery.

  1. Use your USB cable to connect your tablet to computer.
  2. And then transfer the ROM and Gapps files to your tablet internal storage.
  3. Now boot into CWM recovery mode, by utilizing these buttons; Volume UP + Home + Power. Volume Up should be used to continue accessing the mode.
  4. Use Backup and Restore option to create a Nandroid backup.
    Backup And Restore CWM Recovery
  5. You need to also perform a factory reset too, tap on the Wipe Data / Factory Reset to do so.
    Wipe Data Factory Reset CWM

    Wipe cache partition.

    CWM Wipe Cache Parition

    Wipe dalvik cache.

    Wipe Dalvik Cache
  6. You can start installing the ROM simply click on install zip from sdcard, then choose the ROM zip file.
    Install zip from SDCard
  7. To install the Gapps, just repeat the step 6. If all the files installed. You can now use Reboot System Now option to restart your tablet.
    Reboot System Now CWM Recovery

Install CM12.1 Nightlies ROM on Sprint Galaxy Note 3 with TWRP recovery.

  1. Connect your tablet to computer, then transfer the ROM and Gapps file you downloaded to computer, transfer them to your tablet’s internal storage.
  2. Power off your tablet then boot into the CWM recovery by using Volume Up + Home + Power buttons combinations. Then enter that mode using Volume Up.
  3. Make a Nandroid backup too, just use the backup. Then set a name for the backup.
    Backup TWRP Recovery
  4. Wipe the data to perform the factory rest, just use the Wipe option.
    Wipe TWRP Recovery
  5. Now select install option from TWRP then choose the ROM zip file to start the flashing process.
    Install TWRP Recovery
  6. For installing Gapps you can repeat the step 5.
  7. You can now restart your device using Reboot option from TWRP main menu interface.

Well I hope you like the ROM now and enjoy everything offered by it. If you failed, then try to repeat the process.

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