How To Enter To Recovery Mode On Samsung Galaxy S6

Today we are going to take you to learn about how to enter recovery mode for Samsung Galaxy S6. As this is a must learning lesson if you wish to play with your phone later, of course to make it more optimized and to perform better like you always dream. Without learning to enter recovery mode then you’ll miss the chances to perform several actions to take your Android powered Samsung Galaxy S6 to the higher level.

As we know that each time we buy an Android based phone, we will find a stock recovery image has been planted there by the manufacturer, Samsung Galaxy S6 is no exception. And usually the manufacturers have set this feature only to perform limited actions, only official operations like applying update to official firmwares, factory reset, wipe cache partition, etc.


Of course since we know the words I want more, then those abilities offered by a stock recovery are not enough. There is no way — as far as I know — to flash a custom ROM, root our Android OS, creating a Nandroid backup, overclocking our device, etc. Those things are impossible to be done using a stock recovery. We need a custom ones, like CWM or TWRP to perform the so-called unofficial actions.

You can now root Samsung Galaxy S6 with SuperSu and install TWRP recovery on Galaxy S6.

And to enter to either CWM or TWRP recovery we use the same methods like entering to the stock recovery, we only change the destination place from stock recovery to custom recovery once we have installed either CWM or TWRP recovery. Therefore once you’ve mastered the methods of entering recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy S6, that means you can enter to CWM or TWRP recovery automatically using the same methods.

On this post I have selected two easiest methods for you to pick one the most easy and bring your Samsung Galaxy S6 to the recovery mode anytime you need it.

How to enter to recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy S6

First method.

  1. Completely power off your Samsung Galaxy S6, by pressing Power button and then choose Power Off, or alternatively press and hold Power for about a few seconds, then perform a shut down steps.
  2. When your Galaxy S6 is already off, now press and hold these buttons together; Power + Volume Up + Home.
  3. You will then see recovery mode appear on your device’s screen. If that’s so, release the three buttons.
    Recovery Mode Galaxy S6 Android
  4. Within the recovery mode, you can use Power button to select any options and use Volume keys (Up or Down) to navigate to options.
  5. Once you’ve done playing within the recovery mode, you can select Reboot System Now to get yourself back to normal mode.
    Reboot System Now Recovery Mode

Second method.

The second method of entering recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy S6 is a lot easier, you only need an Android app to do the job. The step as follow.

  1. Launch Google Play Store from your Samsung Galaxy S6.
  2. Now search for the app namely, Quick Boot.
    Quick Reboot App
  3. Once you’ve found it, install it.
  4. Open the app, and then choose Recovery.
    Recovery Quick Boot
  5. Just wait on the emerging process to get your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone boot into recovery mode.

Done! Now you have mastered the two most easy methods to boot your Samsung Galaxy S6 into recovery mode, you can apply the methods anytime you see it’s necessary usually to already mentioned actions either official or unofficial operations. And then you can end the operation by selecting the Reboot System Now from the recovery main mode.

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