How To Fix Slow Wifi And Wifi Disconnecting On Galaxy S6

How to fix slow Wifi and Wifi disconnecting on Galaxy S6. Your Samsung Galaxy S6 is indeed a superb smartphone, it is the best place for the Android Lollipop ecosystem to perform the best it can. Almost no single flaw from far seen on this phone. Some people might even go on saying this the best Android powered phone of the year of 2015.


But even the best phone of the 2015 is not free from issue, some people reported a Wifi issue; they experience a slow Wifi and other facing their Wifi keep disconnecting. This is of course scar the reputation the Korean company is aggressively building.


However the fix of the said two Wifi issues are not exactly hard. We can fix them directly from our Galaxy S6. All we need to do is making some modifications through Settings and the Wifi area. So if you are experiencing the Wifi issues you can follow the solutions below.

I will start with the fix over slow Wifi then continue with the solution to deal with keep disconnecting Wifi issue on Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Wifi Issue

How to fix slow Wifi on Samsung Galaxy S6

Reset the network.

You need to reset your Galaxy S6 network, by going to.

  1. Completely power on your smartphone then unlock the passcode if it’s required.
  2. Then head to Settings.
  3. Now click on Wifi from Settings, then verify whether it’s working.
  4. You can long press on the Wifi option then select to delete that network.
    Delete Wifi Network On Samsung Galaxy S6

    Remember before deleting your network be sure you keep the details of your existing Wifi network, deleting without having the details will leave you without anything.

  5. Since the Wifi network is already deleted, you can now create a new but same Wifi network. This action is expected to clean the bugs inside the system.
  6. Now tap on Wifi connection again then wait whether your network is detected. The detecting process is automatic. However Wifi password is needed in the process.
  7. Fill the details given by your internet service provider for the Wifi password. This action will make the connection.

Well, did the steps fix the slow wifi issue on Galaxy S6 of yours? It didn’t? Be not too worry because there is another solution I offer for you to follow hopefully can fix the slow Wifi issue.

Factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S6.

You can take this resort if the methods above didn’t solve the problem. Sometimes we are forced to perform a factory reset over issue that is naughty, let alone this slow Wifi issue is not related to your home network instead it comes from your phone. Thus there is something there that need to be squashed. And a factory reset is the best solution to clean up things unwanted that negatively effecting our devices performance.

Wait up! Be sure you firstly backup your device before starting, once it’s reset to its factory settings and conditions there is no way of restoring your phone if there’s no backup.


  1. Power on your phone.
  2. Now open Settings -> Backup & reset -> Factory Data Reset -> Erase everything.
    Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S6
  3. Once you tap on erase everything and then confirm the action. That means you agree to bring your phone back to the factory settings.
  4. You will need to refill your Google account then setup your phone like when you bought it for the first time.
  5. Done.

How to fix Wifi disconnecting issue on Samsung Galaxy S6

Disable the Smart Network Switching.

Many people have reported after they disable this feature, the managed to fix the keep disconnecting Wifi problem on Samsung Galaxy S6. Therefore you should try it. Who knows that might help you out of misery.

  1. From Home screen then tap Settings.
    Settings Galaxy S6
  2. Inside Settings go to “WiFi”, “More”.
    Smart Network Switch Galaxy S6
  3. Here you can disable “Smart network switch” by set it to “Off”.
    Smart Network Switch Disable OFF

Done! The feature is now disabled. You are now far away from keep disconnecting Wifi issue.

I hope the solutions offered by this post managed to fix the Wifi issues (slow and disconnecting) on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

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  1. zub

    Hi, I have this permanent WIFI disconnection, but I don't have this menu item 'Smart network switch' on my S6 as you show in the screen shot above. Any idea?

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