How To Install Philz Touch Recovery On Galaxy S5 Plus

You can follow the full instructions here if you wish to install Philz Touch Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus of yours. The process is simple and we will provide the said custom recovery file and also Odin to be used to flash the recovery file.

So if you want to have more abilities using your Android based smartphone then you should install this kind of recovery as it will give you more power to tweak and optimize your device’s internal system, the power I am talking about is ability to root your device, installing great modified ROMs from Android third-party developers, overclocking your device’s CPU to speed up its performance or underclocking it to save your battery, and install custom Kernels, and other activities that are impossible to perform in the stock recovery image that comes preinstalled on your smartphone or tablet.


Philz Touch Recovery is purely based on CWM recovery, installing it considered as non-official operation, Samsung doesn’t approve this kind of activity so the company will take off your warranty. So I hope you understand this consequence. But considering the benefits given by it, we can live without warranty.


  • Remember you are recommended to perform backups before proceeding to the guides below.
  • Enable USB debugging mode of your Galaxy S5 Plus.
  • Prepare your Windows computer with a USB drivers installed and a USB cable.
  • Just for this process only, please to deactivate or disable both your Samsung KIES and antivirus program on your computer, after finished installing the custom recovery you can enable them back.
  • Your battery power should be enough.

If you have fully understood every point on the above preconditions we can continue. Make sure you firstly make backups. Don’t forget it.

How to install Philz Touch Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus



Step 1- Boot into Download Mode now, turn off your phone then press the buttons Volume Down + Home + Power. Keep them pressed until your phone showing a warning like in the picture below. To get yourself into that mode, just use Volume Up.

Step 2 – Now launch Odin, by simply clicking Odin3 v3.09 file you downloaded earlier.

Step 3 – You can connect your phone to computer, wait till Odin detect your phone when it’s detected Odin will show Added!!! in message box.

Successfully Connected Phone To PC From Odin

Step 4 – Now you need to tap on AP on Odin to further find the Philz Touch Recovery you downloaded to your computer earlier.

Install CF Auto Root Odin Tool

Step 5 – Leave other options untouched.

Step 6 – Click on Start button now to begin the installation.

Step 7 – Wait the process till finish. Your phone will reboot. When you see your phone’s home screen then disconnect it from your computer.

Great job you have successfully installed Philz Touch Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus now and enjoy. If you have any questions please to reveal them on the provided comment area. And if you think this post is useful do not forget to tell your friends about it. And see you again in the next posts of Install Android ROM blog.

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