How To Unlock Bootloader Of Any Sony Devices

How to unlock bootloader of any Sony devices. Sony has provided a dedicated page to unlock bootloader of their products, and open the invitation for anyone with any Sony Xperia flagships to utilize the site in order to unlock their device’s bootloader.

Sony has listened the scream of the vocal minority that demand a full control over what software should be running on their devices, not just what have been specifically designed by the manufacturer for their devices.


When our device’s bootloader is unlocked then we can flash the custom ROM, that’s the reason we root our device, to grab any decent ROM running on to replace the stock firmware. And it’s only possible if the phone’s bootloader is unlocked. So leave the though of picking the best modified ROM behind if your bootloader is still locked.

Unlock Bootloader Sony


  • This activity is not for a standard user, Sonny recommends you to not apply this as the company has provided great software experiences that have underwent the rigorously tests before they are officially released.
  • Your warranty may be voided. Both warranty from Sony and operators can be nullified by performing the unlock bootloader activity. Therefore you may be charged a significant fee for the service you need in the future.
  • Risks. You might end up bricking your phone if your decision to unlock its bootloader to flash a custom ROM to your phone, as this kind of ROM may not gone through the series of tests there is a chance you will turn your phone into a brick.
  • Before performing the bootloader unlock process, it’s highly recommended for you to perform a complete backup over your system as the bootloader unlocking process will trigger the factory reset to which wipe out all device settings, users data, third party apps and other associated data stored in the hardware storage of your device.

If you have fully understood the risks and what to do before performing this action, it’s time to get into the full instructions in unlocking bootloader of any Sony devices.

And more thing do not forget to make a necessary backup over your data.


Instructions to unlock Sony device’s bootloader

  1. Open the official Sony website that’s dedicated to help users to unlock their Sony Xperia device’s bootloaders.
  2. Scroll down to find the Select your Device then click the Arrow down icon to find your smartphone’s model.
    Unlock Sony Xperia Bootloader
  3. Select your phone model.
    Unlock Sony Booloader
    • Then dial this *#*#7378423#*#* to get you to the service menu.
    • Now tap Service info > Configuration > Rooting Status. See the report if your phone’s bootloader can be unlocked then it will say Yes, then you can go to the next step. But if you get the No answer, that means your device’s booltoader can’t be unlocked.
  4. If your phone can be unlocked, then hit the Continue blue button.
    Continue To Unlock Bootloader Sony
  5. In the next page you will find an email verification page, in there you need to enter your email address in the provided form, then click on Submit button.
    Unlock Sony Xperia Devices Bootloader
  6. Sony will then send you a confirmation email containing a unique link you must click to continue to the next step. So open the email address you just submitted now above, remember the link will expire after being used once and should not be shared to anyone else.
  7. Then follow all the necessarry steps on the next page till your Xperia device’s bootloader is unlocked.

That’s how you need to do to unlock bootloader of any Sony Xperia devices.

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