Install CM12.1 Android 5.1 Latest On Sprint Galaxy Note 3 (CWM & TWRP)


Cyanogenmod team recently released Cyanogen 12.1 nightlies to be installed on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you can flash the ROM right now and if you don’t mind you can also be guided from this post.

CM12.1 Nightlies is based on AOSP Android 5.1 Lollipop, it’s the latest version of Lollipop that will deliver anything new to your phone.


If you are interested with this non-stock software, then you can proceed to learn on how to install it. I will guide you to install the official CM12.1 ROM using CWM and TWRP recovery.

CyanogenMod Android ROM

However I highly recommend you to firstly read the preconditions below.


  • First thing first make sure the device you are using now is Sprint Galaxy Note 3, do not continue if you have different Galaxy Note.
  • Backup your precious data before continue.
  • You need to also root your device first if you haven’t.
  • And CWM or TWRP recovery should already installed to flash the firmware zip files.
  • Enable USB debugging mode of Sprint Galaxy Note 3.
  • A computer based Windows with a USB cable.
  • You will also be guided to backup using Nandroid backup.
  • Be sure your phone’s batter power is more than %60.
  • CM12.1 ROM doesn’t include Google Apps (Gapps), thus we will install it separately.
  • Follow the instructions here at your own risk, none but yourself for any bricks or damages that might happen during or after following the guides here.
  • Samsung KIES will probably stop detecting your phone when it’s powered with CM12.1 ROM.

File you need (Do not extract these files).

Install CM12.1 Android 5.1 ROM on Sprint Galaxy Note 3 with CWM recovery.

  1. Now connect your Galaxy Note 3 to computer.
  2. When it’s connected, transfer the files you downloaded (CM12 and Gapps) to your tablet’s internal storage.
  3. Now shut down your phone, to boot into the custom recovery mode. Use Volume UP + Home + Power buttons. And use Volume Up to continue entering the mode.
  4. Now make a Nandroid Backup by pressing the Backup and Restore option. Name the file and confirm the backup.
    Backup And Restore CWM Recovery
  5. Factory reset your phone now by pressing Wipe Data / Factory Reset.
    Wipe Data Factory Reset CWM

    Wipe cache partition.

    CWM Wipe Cache Parition

    Wipe dalvik cache.

    Wipe Dalvik Cache
  6. Install the ROM by simply tap on install zip from sdcard, continue with choosing choose zip from sdcard. Then get the ROM zip file.
    Install zip from SDCard
  7. Once you completed the CM12.1 ROM you can repeat the process from step 6 to install Gapps. When the installation is done. Just reboot your phone using Reboot System Now from main menu of CWM.
    Reboot System Now CWM Recovery

Install CM12.1 Nightlies ROM on Sprint Galaxy Note 3 with TWRP recovery.

  1. Connect your device to computer, then transfer the ROM and Gapps files to your device internal storage.
  2. Boot into the TWRP recovery mode by pressing Volume Up + Home + Power buttons.
  3. Then create a Nandroid Backup using backup option. And set a backup name and continue the backup.
    Backup TWRP Recovery
  4. You need to also factory reset by hitting the wipe option from TWRP.
    Wipe TWRP Recovery
  5. Once you’ve done with  factory reset, you can now install the ROM by pressing the install option. Then get the ROM zip file.
    Install TWRP Recovery
  6. Repeat the process to install Gapps.
  7. Reboot your Note. Done. And enjoy.

Now reboot your phone to normal mode when all the necessary files installed successfully. Remember the first rebooting period could be longer than it used to, it’s because your phone will load all the new ROM and with its features. So it takes time.


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