How To Install TWRP Recovery On HTC One M9


Here we will share to you a complete guides to install TWRP recovery on HTC One M9 smartphone that just being released this year, precisely at March, 2015 and this Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 chipset powered smartphone can be taken into the higher level with installing a custom recovery such as TWRP to substitutes the stock recovery image which comes preinstalled on the phone and to breaks the limits to perform any actions in attempt to boost up its performance more.

TWRP is probably the second best recovery, at least by my own opinion, but it has features nearly complete as CWM. We are able to install many tweaks, kernel, ROMs, and even root and overclocking our device’s CPU with this recovery. So if you dislike to be like other guy who thinks the phone is not enough for you, you should install TWRP recovery,


Remember before we get into the complete instructions, I would like to invite you to firstly read the preconditions below, please!


  1. Make backups over all data you regard important.
  2. Unlock your HTC One M9 bootloader first, without bootloader unlocked the TWRP recovery can’t be installed.
  3. Enable HTC One M9 USB debugging mode first, as we will need to bridge the communication between the phone and the computer.
  4. A Windows computer, with USB drivers for HTC One M9 is already installed and a USB cable.
  5. You have to already installed Android SDK on your computer before proceeding.
  6. Make sure your battery power is enough to undergo the entire instructions below.
  7. Good luck guys.

Perform the instructions here, all the risks that may happens, are yours none should be taken responsible — except yourself — if that really happens.

File you need.

The TWRP file size is only about 35 MB.


  1. Rename the TWRP image you previously downloaded its package, to be recovery.image.
  2. Then go to the Android SDK folder, then put the file (recovery.imag) to the Android SDK folder.
  3. Now you need to plug your smartphone to a USB cable then connect it to your computer.
    Connect Smartphone To PC Computer
  4. Once your phone and PC are connected, then go to the folder of Android SDK in your PC, enter the folder then open a command prompt box by pressing Shift key while you right-click on any area in the folder.
  5. In cmd black box, type this command adb reboot bootloader to reboot your smartphone into the bootloader mode.
  6. When done rebooting, back to cmd box to enter this command; fastboot flash recovery recovery.img.
    Install TWRP HTC One M9 CMD Phone
  7. TWRP will instantly be installed after you executed the command. Just wait the installations to complete.
  8. After it’s complete, reboot your phone by entering this command fastboot reboot in the cmd box.
    Install TWRP HTC One M9 CMD Window
  9. Your smartphone should be disconnect from USB cable now then enter to recovery mode.
  10. Inside the recovery mode, use your volume keys (Up and Down) to scroll and get to Reboot option to reboot your phone.
  11. Your HTC One M9 will reboot, during the process do nothing, till you see your phone’s home screen then you are done.
Well done my friend now your HTC One M9 has the versatile custom recovery to be used to serves your need in tweaking your smartphone to the level of your dream like rooting your HTC One M9 smartphone. Hope you find this post useful. And see you again in the next posts of Install Android ROM blog.


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