Officially Update NVIDIA Shield Tablet To Android 5.1 Lollipop

Both Wifi and LTE versions based Nvidia Shield Tablets get the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop official update this week, the company is now pushing the firmware through Over The Air targeting the non-rooted devices, your system update feature should already told you about it. As long as your device is not rooted, you can expect its coming / availability on your device.

However if your Shield tablet is rooted, then you won’t receive the any notifications from NVDIA thus that will be forcing you to flash the firmware manually. And you should install it as it comes with a lot of improvements to make sure your device running better, more secured, user friendly and of course smarter.


Here we have a full notes regarding the improvements brought by the firmware for you.

Improvements of the Lollipop updates.

  • Performance and responsive are improved.
  • Security is enhanced.
  • Quick-settings menu and profile management are also improved.
  • Device’s display performance is also improved.
  • Global tone mapping can be enabled simply by toggling it.

You can flash the firmware on your rooted device with either CWM or TWRP recovery installed. And your device should be using a stock firmware only. Therefore if your NVIDIA Shield tablet is using a custom ROM, than this firmware can be flashed on your tablet.


  • Make backups over your existing data first.
  • Enable USB debugging mode of NVIDIA Shiled tablet of yours.
  • A computer with a USB cable should be ready to use for transferring the zip file.
  • Has a custom recovery like CWM or such installed. Why we need a custom recovery? Because we will need to flash the zip file of the ROM. Thus only a custom recovery can do such ability (It is an XDA member who brought this firmware to us, he packaged it into the zip file).
  • Make sure your battery power is sufficient to perform the flashing process.

Remember to perform the flashing steps from this post but all the risks are yours to hold. Keep that in your mind. Guys.

How to update NVIDIA Shield Tablet (Wifi and LTE) to Android 5.1 Lollipop official update

Download the Android 5.1 Lollipop firmware for NVIDIA Shield tablets.

Remember do not extract or unzip the zip file above. Just download the zip file to your computer. That’s it.

Instructions to manually install the official Android 5.1 Lollipop firmware on NVIDIA Shield tablet.

  1. Move the zip file containing the Android Lollipop update from your computer to your NVIDIA Shield tablet’s internal storage.
  2. Now disconnect your tablet from PC.
  3. Power off your tablet followed with entering to recovery (CWM / TWRP) mode.
  4. Inside that mode, select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option.
    Wipe Data Factory Reset CWM
  5. Now choose the Wipe Cache Partition, and then Wipe Dalvik Cache inside the Advanced menu.
    CWM Wipe Cache Parition


    Wipe Dalvik Cache
  6. You need now to choose the Install Zip From SD Card followed with selecting the Choose Zip From SD Card then go the zip file you moved earlier to your NVIDIA Shield tablet’s internal storage. The installation will then begin.
    Install zip from SDCard


    Choose Zip From SD Card
  7. When done, go back to main menu using the *****Go Back***** option then use the Reboot System Now option to reboot your device.
    Reboot System Now CWM Recovery
  8. When your device is rebooting, do nothing, just wait till the entire rebooting process done.

Done! Your NVIDIA Shield tablet is now powered with the official Android 5.1 Lollipop official. Congratulations.

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