Root Samsung Galaxy S6 With SuperSU And TWRP Recovery

Previously we elaborated the steps needed to install TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy S6, that non-stock image recovery can be used to root the Android powered smartphone. And if you have successfully installed the custom recovery by following the guides from my blog or from other places, you are eligible to also follow the instructions written here to bring root access to the device.

We have an Android based phone, that’s a great stuff, but with a root access along with the phone make it more great considering many things we can perform afterward. Samsung doesn’t approve this kind of activity, they consider it’s dangerous because like opening the door ‘that should not be opened’ to the very sensitive area of our phone. Thus they will not admit your device guaranty and you’ll be charged for technical service.


However if we consider the benefits we will enjoy from rooting, there is no risk that too scary. Beside once your Galaxy S6 is rooted then you can unlock the restricted internal systems. There will be no more factory restrictions you encounter when you are thinking to install custom ROM, overclocking device’s CPU, etc. All door are opened for you.

But remember since rooting Android is not recommended and approved by Samsung itself, that means you are on your own if anything goes wrong. And all the risks that may happen during or after performing the instructions here are yours to take. Be sure you follow each step correctly and do not skip any step unless you’ve done it.


We will be using SuperSU from Chainfire and also TWRP recovery to install the SuperSU file. So you have decided your mind? Still want to root your Galaxy S6? Then you are welcomed to follow the complete instructions below, but please to firstly read the following preconditions first.


  • Rooting is considered a non official operation, the manufacturers don’t approve this activity not without reason, thus there is a potential chance we might brick or damage our phone, or even lose our data. Therefore it’s highly recommended for you to firstly make necessary backups over your data, like contacts, SMS, MMS, settings, EFS folder, etc.
  • Be sure you have Samsung Galaxy S6 USB debugging mode enabled through Developer Options.
  • A computer Windows with a USB cable.
  • Be sure your device’s bootloader is unlocked.
  • Remember the root will disable Samsung Pay.
  • Make sure you have above %60 of your battery power.

You have read each point from the preconditions above. Now it’s time to the full instructions.

Good luck guys.

How to root Samsung Galaxy S6 with SuperSU from Chainfire

  1. Now you can download SuperSU root tool from ChainFire official website from this link. Save it to your computer, and do not unzip / extract the file.
  2. Now plug your Samsung Galaxy S6 to your PC using a USB cable.
  3. You can now transfer the SuperSU file from your computer to your phone, once it’s transferred, disconnect your phone from USB cable.
  4. Now shut down your phone by pressing Power button and then choose Power Off option.
  5. Now you can enter your Samsung Galaxy S6 to recovery mode.
  6. Within the TWRP recovery interface just hit the Install button then browse to find the and then choose the file.
    UPDATE SuperSU V2


    TWRP Install SuperSU
  7. Continue the installation process and then wait for the SuperSU to be installed on your smartphone.
  8. When the installation is finish you can reboot your phone using Reboot option from TWRP recovery menu.
    TWRP Reboot SuperSU Galaxy S6
  9. Done.

Second method to root Samsung Galaxy S6

Or you can follow the second method available in order to obtain root access, by firstly download the rooting exploit (CF-Auto-Root) from Chainfire based on your device model and then extract the file.

  • Download CF-Auto-Root exploit for Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos SM-G9200.
  • Download CF-Auto-Root exploit for Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920I.
  • Download CF-Auto-Root exploit for Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE SM-G925F.
  • Download CF-Auto-Root exploit for Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE SM-G9250.
  • Download CF-Auto-Root exploit for Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920T.

Root Galaxy S6 second method.

  1. Now you can power off your device, by simply pressing the Power button and choose Power Off option.
  2. When your phone is completely off, you need to boot into Download Mode, do so by pressing these three buttons together; Volume Down + Power + Home.
    Enter Download Mode Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone
  3. Keep pressing them till you see a warning message, release them.
    Continue Entering Download Mode Android
  4. Use Volume Up to continue entering the mode.
  5. Now click on Odin.exe to launch the application.
    Odin3 V3.09
  6. Then connect your phone to computer using a USB cable.
  7. When connected, you will see Added!!! message and your ID:com become blue.
  8. Now click on Ap if you use Odin v3.9 or PDA if you use older Odin version. Then browse the CF-Auto-Root you downloaded earlier.
  9. You can press Start button now to begin the installation process. Just wait till Odin completely install the CF-Auto-Root to your device.
    Install CF Auto Root Odin Tool
  10. Your phone will reboot to finish the process. When you see your phone’s home screen, disconnect it from USB cable. Then go to app drawer to see whether SuperSU icon SuperSU Icon Androidis there.

Since your Samsung Galaxy S6 is rooted, now you enjoy installing a new and great custom ROMs that are available for your device. Remember to firstly read the reviews from other users that already flashed the ROM, whether the ROM is corrupted or not, because installing the corrupted software could effect your device’s performance and the worse is bricking your Android powered phone.

And if you have any question to ask, just reveal it on the provided comment area, I will do my best I can to deliver answer that will solve your problem. Hope you will find this post useful for you and your friends too.

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