Solutions For Keep Shutting Down / Rebooting Samsung Galaxy S3

Correct solutions keep shutting down / rebooting Samsung Galaxy S3. Here I offer you a three solutions to fix the keep shutting down Samsung Galaxy S3.

If you are now being irritated with the repetitive situation of your Galaxy S3 that keeps disconnecting, then let me tell you one thing this is a hardware issue. No! You can’t blame the battery for that.


From a few users who had happened facing the issue they managed to get out from the misery after performing the very technical method.

Samsung Galaxy S3

And here I will share to you what caused the issue to come and what they did to solve the keep shutting down Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.

Fix keep shutting down Samsung Galaxy S3

1. Replace the Power button.

Yes some users reported that the issue is related to the damaged power button, it get stuck pressed down, as the result the phone would be in repetitive loop of turn on, turn off and so on.


The solution offered for those experiencing the damaged Power button is simply replacing the button. Here is the Youtube video you can follow to guide you replacing your power button.

2. Remove the back case.

This could also be used to solve the your Galaxy S3 shutting down and rebooting. A user who found the solution said the symptom is he heard the switch scratching on the case when he pressed it. He later found the back cover he used preventing the switch operation, it doesn’t allow to pop out smoothly.



He then removed the back case, once the back case was removed, now each time he presses the On or Off button he doesn’t hear scratchy sound, and no shutting down issue anymore. He also shaved a little from the case’s edge.

3. Take off battery.

Albeit I believe the above solutions will work for you. But still I would like to share the third solution because there is a user that underwent with this one and get his Galaxy S3 fixed from keep disconnecting issue. You may try it. As this is the most simple and not-too technical solution.

  1. Now take your battery off from your phone. Leave your phone without battery for about ten minutes. Your phone will lose energy from capacitors in this period.
  2. After ten minutes you can re-insert your battery to your Samsung Galaxy 3. Then turn on your phone.
  3. Done!

I hope one of the solutions or all of them worked to fix your Samsung Galaxy S3 keep shutting down or rebooting issue. If you have any question related to this topic. Do not be a stranger to reveal it to the comment field below.

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