Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S6 With Palm Swipe Or Button Combinations


So how to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6 quickly so we can share and use the screenshot for our need? It’s actually easy as Samsung had included this function to its latest superb phone for us to use without needing any third-party software.

On Windows based computer this activity is often used to share anything on our screen to friends or to help us to support our tutorials which involving steps so our audiences could easily understand our points. We can simply use Print Screen button for this purpose.


But things a bit different in smartphone, there is no specific button to use for taking a screen appears on our phone. We need to undergo a few actions to do this. But do not worry they’re not complicated jobs.

And on Samsung Galaxy S6 there are two easy ways we can choose to take a screenshot, all ways are discussed here as information for those who bought that’s great smartphone. And we won’t need any software to do so, that’s a great news.

So are you ready guys?

First method to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6 using button combinations

  1. Find a screen you wish to capture.
  2. Now press Power + Home buttons at the same time for about 2 till 5 seconds till your phone shaking or shutter sound heard.
    Take Screenshot Samsung Galaxy S6
  3. You will then be informed that the screenshot is taken and saved on your gallery app.

You can use the above method if your Power or Home buttons are not damaged, if one of them is damaged. You can use the second way below.

First method to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6 using palm swipe

  1. Put your hand vertically straight above the phone’s screen so your hand covers the side of the LCD phone.
    Take Screenshot Samsung Galaxy Palm Swipe
  2. Now swipe your palm / hand horizontally across the screen.
  3. A camera shutter sound will be heard indicating the screen is taken. You can see it on Gallery app.

Now you can take any screenshots you find interesting anytime you want it.


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