Unlock Verizon SIM Card Of Moto E (2015)


Unlock Verizon SIM Card of Moto E (2015). Here is a good news for all Verizon Motorola Moto E 2015, because now you can unlock your SIM card and the process is quite easy. Anyone even a beginner can do it. You should grab this change especially if you are about to go to somewhere else where you know has a weak Verizon signal.

The Verizon SIM unlocking process doesn’t require you to firstly root your Android device, thus any Moto E 2015 whether it’s rooted or not, are eligible to unlock it. And it’s free. And we will use an app developed by XDA developers, you should thank them for all they’ve done in delivering this wonderful app.


And you don’t even need a computer to help you in the undergoing the unlocking procedures above.

Once you’ve completed all the installation processes and your SIM card is unlocked, you can further using any SIM network from other operators of your choice, no restrictions anymore. You are given with a free choice. Surely Verizon doesn’t approve this activity, but that doesn’t mean it’s not safe, because it’s safe to unlock your Moto E SIM card.

Moto E 2015 was released with bootloader unlocked by default, Motorola knows their users love that condition. Now we can even enjoy more fun with unlocking its SIM card. Do you want to do it? Just read the following preconditions first.

How to unlock bootloader on any Motorola devices.

Motorola Moto E 2015 SIM Unlock Verizon


  • Albeit the procedure will not wipe out your device’s data, still it’s wise to firstly make backups over your data. You can feel better if knowing all your precious data protected before performing anything to your device.
  • Be sure you have a sufficient battery power, I suggest you have at least %60 minimum battery power, as during the installations your phone shuts down, your phone will get brick.
  • Make sure your phone is Motorola Moto E (2015). Do not install the app if your device is not that model.

Hope you’ve fully understood all the points recommended on the preconditions.

How to unlock Verizon SIM Card on Moto E 2015

  1. Now remove the Verizon SIM card from your device.
  2. Then insert another SIM card of your choice, then turn on your phone again.
  3. You will then see the instructions on screen, just follow it to continue setting up your phone.
  4. You need to also sign-in to Google Account (Recommended to use Wi-Fi connection).
  5. Now head to Google Play Store, then search an app namely Philipp Mangelow Network.
  6. Install the app then run / open it.
  7. On the app’s UI you need to rename the radio mode from CDMA/LTE PRL to be GSM/LTE Auto.
  8. You need to also go to System Settings -> Mobile Networks -> choose the Preferred Network Mode to be 4G LTE.
  9. Don’t forget to edit the APNs with the APN settings of your new carrier.
  10. Done! You are now using non-Verizon SIM Card on your Verizon Motorola Mote E (2015). Enjoy it guys.

One more thing, after the above procedures applied and your existing Moto E using another SIM card, then you will see SIM Card is not from Verizon Wireless notification. That shouldn’t be bothering as you still be able to use another SIM card. So just ignore the notification and just enjoy it.



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