Flash Android M Preview Image On Nexus 5


Flash Android M preview image on Nexus 5. The first build of the Android M, the Google upcoming and more sophisticated OS, is released recently. We can have it download and install on Nexus 5 manually now.

If you own that device then you can follow the full instructions written on this post. And the Android M is developer preview image factory that can be tested to find out what exactly is and what it can do to your device.


So you can expect awesomeness here and taste them first before anyone else, if you are interested then you are invited to flash it right now. Then you can enjoy everything it offers to your device. And hopefully you will like them.

And this is a good opportunity because the flashing procedures are simple and easy to follow. Anyone can do. You too guys.

But of course to avoid bad things to happen, I suggest you to firstly read the following preconditions, please read them.


  • Remember that the instructions are meant for Nexus 5 device only.
  • The process will clean your existing data, therefore you are highly recommended to firstly make necessary backups before starting.
  • Enable USB debugging mode in Nexus 5 of yours.
  • Charge your battery if it’s less than %50 power.
  • Remember to proceed to the flashing instructions but all the risks are yours to take.
Android M Developer Preview Image


  • Download the Android SDK ADT Bundle now.
  • Once it’s downloaded, unzip the file to your pc.
  • A folder will appear after it’s unzipped, enter the folder to open the SDK Manager exe.
  • Confirm the installation for the SDK packages.
  • You will get a folder named, platform-tools after finished the installation. Keep the folder you will need it later.
  • You need to download and install USB drivers from Google to your computer.

How to flash Android 5.1.1 LMY47B / LMY48B Lollipop on Nexus 5

Remember to proceed to the guides at your own risks. Make necessary backups.

  1. Download the Android M Preview image firmware here.
  2. Then move the downlaoded preview image to the ‘platform-tools’ folder inside the SDK directory you previously created when setting up the SDK utilities.
  3. Now completely turn off your Nexus 5 then boot into the Bootloader Mode.
  4. Now you need to enter the ‘platform-tools’ folder, then open command prompt (cmd) box in the folder where you previously extracted the Android M Dev Preview files.
  5. You need to plug your Nexus 5 to USB cable to be connected to computer.
  6. Launch adb devices within command prompt to see whether your device’s listed there.
    • Your Nexus 5 should appear. If it’s not there on the list, you need to resintall the usb drivers then configure the Android SDK.
    • However if your computer detected your phone, your can proceed to the following steps.
  7. Now start the Android M with entering the command here flash-all.bat script. The installation will then start after you confirm it.
  8. Once the needed installation procedures have finished your device needs to be rebooted into normal mode.
  9. The first reboot can take longer than usual, it’s because your device needs to load the new firmware and its features at once, so be patient.

Well done guys, you just finished flashing Android M on your Nexus 5 device, if you have any questions regarding the process you are welcomed to reveal them on the provided comment area below. Or if you like this post, be sure to tell your friends about it, do so guys. And see you again in the next posts of Install Android ROM blog.


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