Update Sprint HTC One Max To Android 5.1.1 L

Thinking to install Android 5.1.1 Lollipop on Sprint HTC One Max of yours? You are in luck, you can bring the Android L to your 5.9 inches smartphone right now by simply flashing a ROM namely Mokee that’s now supporting many Android smartphones, but of course this is not an official software released by neither Google nor HTC, it’s the project of the Android third-party developers.

You are welcomed and invited to give this ROM a try right now, then enjoy the material design based interface with all the features from the ROM itself. Mokee comes with great features that are hard to ignore for Android users like you are. This ROM deserves to be tried, who know you will end up setting it as your daily driver.


However Mokee ROM is not yet reaching a final stage, instead it’s still in early stage, therefore bugs (Minor ones) should be expected. But worry not, things will soon come to be easier once the ROM developers release the better version of the ROM, so you should expect that.

Install Mokee Android 5.1.1 On Verizon HTC One Max.

Mokee ROM Android 5.1.1 Lollipop


Read the following preconditions first.


  • Before flashing this ROM, I highly suggest you to firstly backup your existing and precious data, thus you can restore if things you dislike happen.
  • Neither Google nor HTC develop this ROM, instead Mokee is the result of third-party developers project. Therefore you will likely loose your warranty. That means HTC will charge you with amount of fee for services you might need in the future.
  • You need to firstly unlock your HTC bootloader first as this ROM is based on AOSP.
  • Having CWM or TWRP (Or any other custom recoveries) installed is needed to flash the ROM and Gapps zip files to your smartphone.
  • Gapps is not included in this ROM, worry not you will be given the zip file, and then install it manually.
  • Make sure you firstly enable USB debugging mode on HTC One of yours first.
  • Mokee ROM comes with Superuser.
  • A computer with a USB cable are needed too.

Proceed to the instructions, and all the risks that may happen, are yours to bear.

How to update Sprint HTC One Mac to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with Mokee ROM

Download the following ROM and Gapps zip files to your PC.

The zip files you just downloaded to your computer, do not need to be unzipped or extracted, just save them on the easy to find area like Desktop.


  1. You can now plug your smartphone to computer, then transfer the zip files to your phone’s sdcard.
  2. When all the files transferred, unplug your phone from PC.
  3. Completely shut down your phone, enter the recovery mode (HBoot) using the Power + Volume Down buttons.
  4. Inside the recovery mode (CWM), just choose the Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
    Wipe Data Factory Reset CWM
  5. Now select the Wipe Cache Partition, continued with selecting the Wipe Dalvik Cache on the Advanced menu.
    CWM Wipe Cache Parition


    Wipe Dalvik Cache
  6. You can now select the Install Zip From SD Card, then choose the Choose Zip From SD Card to search the ROM zip file inside your sdcard directory then install the zip file to begin the installations.
    Install zip from SDCard


    Choose Zip From SD Card
  7. You can repeat the above process to flash the Gapps (Zip file).
  8. You can then use *****Go Back***** option on CWM main menu, then select the Reboot System Now to restart your phone.
    Reboot System Now CWM Recovery
  9. Your phone will reboot, it will be longer than usual, because it loads the new ROM with all its features.

Done. Now your Sprint HTC One Mac is powered with Mokee Android 5.1.1 Lollipop ROM. Congratulations.

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