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MTK Droid Tool is a handy utility that you will likely like if you own an Mediatek powered device.

Because with this tool you can do several useful activities like rooting your Android phone, making stock ROM backup, create scatter file too and several other actions needed to boost up your device’s functionalities.


Goodies offered by MTK Droid Tool

1. Ability to root your smart device. You can root your device using MTK Droid Tool, the process can be done with a single click. Just set your device’s USB debugging mode enabled, then plug your phone to PC, then press the root button on MTK Droid Tool interface.
2. Can perform recovery backup. You can also make backup over your stock recovery image of your device, and recover the recovery for your device.

3. Can be used to backup stock firmware. For those who wish to backup their installed stock firmware can use this tool to do the job.

4. Can be used to write IMEI. With this tool you can also restore and backup your IMEI on Mediatek powered smart device. And it can be used for number of other cipsets too.

MTK Droid Tools


Download MTK Droid Tool

Find the version you need and download to your computer.

MTK Droid Tool v2.2.9

MTK Droid Tool v2.3.4

MTK Droid Tool v2.4.0

MTK Droid Tool v2.4.7

MTK Droid Tool v2.4.8

MTK Droid Tool v2.5.0

MTK Droid Tool v2.5.1

MTK Droid Tool v2.5.2

MTK Droid Tool v2.5.3 (Latest)

Few things to know.

  • MTK Droid Tool is created and dedicated only for the MediaTek powered device. Therefore there’s no guaranty it will work smoothly on any other chipset.
  • Malware Alert: just for you to know that this tool comes with a malware (pwn), however it’s not a dangerous malware, it’s for rooting your phone. Therefore if your computer’s antivirus program delete it then the rooting process will fail.
  • Flashing custom ROM, fMTK Droid Tool doesn’t support flashing modified or custom ROM.
  • Credits. Credit should be given to Mediatek Inc.


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