Fix Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped On Android

Facebook is without a doubt the most used social networking app on Android, even that I am not a Facebook’s active user but still I regularly spend about 5 or 7 minutes every day just to check the status posted by friends through feeds or simply want to chat with friends.

Since many Facebook’s users are also Android users, therefore the company decided to release their own official app to accommodate their users to easily access Facebook. As the app, Facebook app receives great success, people that are Facebook active users have downloaded and installed on their Android powered devices, their numbers are millions of millions.


But as many other Android apps, the Facebook can suffer problem too like the one is happening which is it suddenly stops.

Recently I got error that saying unfortunately Facebook has stopped on my Android smartphone, as the result I can not use it. It is not bothering me too much as I am not an active user there, however I sometime I really need to use it when my friends ask me to see something there. If that’s happening I need to fix the error.

The workaround of the said problem is so easy, all we need is simply clear cache and data of the app, but doing so could erase data stored on our Android. As to me that shouldn’t be a problem. But if your Facebook data is precious for you, you should make backup first.

Fix Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped On Android

How to fix unfortunately Facebook has stopped on Android

  1. Grab your Android phone, then go to Settings.
  2. Then tap on More tab -> Application Manager.
  3. Choose All Applications.
  4. Find Facebook from the list, then tap on it.
  5. Now inside Facebook app window, just tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  6. Reboot your smartphone.
  7. Finish.

Done. If the error still presists after applying the above steps, then I suggest you to uninstall the Facebook app on your Android device, then re-install the latest version of Facebook from Google Play Store. There you should fix the problem. As that is the best effort guys.

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