Fix Unfortunately Kik Has Stopped On Android

I use KIK occasionally to hangout with friends I met or being introduced by my friends, then we are connected with this or another instant messaging application that’s now supporting Android Operating System. Well I am not kind a guy who spend most of my times chatting on KIK or other similar services, but still I am there. But lately I got error when trying to use KIK, my Android OS displaying Unfortunately Kik Has Stopped On Android.

Because of that error I couldn’t use the app, then as usual I searched the solutions and found one that worked, here I am thinking to share the fix for you. So if you are experiencing the same error as I was, you should use this post as a reference and hopefully it will work for you too.


The error is related to cache of the chat and data that caused Kik can not run properly when it’s launched. So you need to clear them first. I believe you have known the needed steps to clear cache and data, but since this post is designed to help people so it will elaborate the steps in detail.


How to fix Unfortunately KIK has stopped on Android.

  1. Turn on your Android device, then go to Settings.
  2. Then tap More tab.
  3. Then go to Application Manager inside that tab.
  4. Choose All Applications by swiping it to left.
  5. You will see a list of apps there, just choose Kik.
  6. Just tap the Clear Cache and Clear data.
  7. Back to home screen to reboot your device.


However if the error is still there, I suggest you to uninstall the Kik then re-install it via Google Play Store.

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