How To Replace KingUser With SuperSU Easily


If you previously rooted your Android based device using KingUser, and now thinking of switching to SuperSu, then you can do it. The reason of doing so is of course SuperSU is more popular and reliable, so it’s not surprising if you have decided to remove the KingUser root along with its related files and change them with SuperSU.

You are in luck because the post you are reading now containing the step by step guides to replace KingUser root to SuperSU root. The process is simple, and the main requirements is your device should already be rooted using KingUser app. If not, then you do not need to read this post and follow the instructions written here.


Remember that all the risks for following the instructions here are yours to take thus do not blame me or anyone else if your phone is bricked or damaged during or after applying the instructions. So proceed at your own risk.


How to replace Kinguser with SuperSu easily

Follow each steps written and do not skip or ignore each of them.

  1. Now you need to install SuperSU Me app via from this website.
  2. Install it on your smartphone, once it’s installed, open the app.
    SuperSU Me
  3. When SuperSU Me is opened, you will be asked to grant it root permission, just tap on Allow to go on.
  4. Just press the Android blue button to begin the replacement, the replacing process takes about 30 seconds at maximum.
    Root SuperSU Me
  5. Once SuperSu Me has finished replacing the KingUser to SuperSU, then SuperSU will automatically be launched.
  6. Well now you will notice there is no more KingUser icon on your phone’s screen instead it’s replaced with SuperSU.
  7. Done.

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You did it guys you just replaced Kinguser with SuperSU app. If you find this post useful, don’t hesitate to share it on Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook so your friends there can find this post out. And see you again in the next Install Android ROM blog posts and have a nice day guys.


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