Write And Restore IMEI On Android With MTK Droid Tool

In this tutorial I would like to share on how to write / repair losing IMEI or null after we reinstall our handheld.

The situation happens usually because we flash a custom ROM to our Android phone, however the custom ROM contains a corrupted NVRAM file.


Things needed before proceeding.

  • A rooted Android phone.
  • MTK Droid root & Tools V.2.4.8 download.
  • IMEI ( That we can find on the backside of our phone, usually it has 15 digit number).
  • Android ADB Driver – depends on the Android phones / tablets you are using. but as for me I use the universal USB drivers for MTK (Download).

How to write and restore IMEI (Lost and Null) on Android With MTK Droid Tool

Step 1. Extract all the downloaded files — then connect your smartphone while it’s on to computer.

Step 2. Then open the MTK Droid Root & tools, make sure your device’s detected if not just use the Android ADB Driver you downloaded above.

See the following picture as example.

Write IMEI Android Via MTK Droid Root

Step 3. If it’s detected, then you will see your device’s detail information, including your IMEI number in the IMEI, if it’s empty then you will need a tool to recover your lost IMEI number. To do so you will need to root your device, just click the Root button to continue to accessing Shell so the script ┬ácan work.

Step 4. After you click the root button, you will see a window like on the following picture. just choose Yes to continue.

Root Android MTK Droit Tool

Step 5. And this is the picture of successfully rooted device and has obtained root shell access.


Step 6. After you obtained root shell access. All you need is clicking IMEI / NVRAM then you will see box appear like in this picture.

Change Backup Restore IMEI NVRAM

Step 7. So what you need to do now is locating the IMEI you can obtain from the backside of your phone, if you own only one IMEI then locate only one IMEI. But if you have two IMEI, then you need to locate two of the IMEI. then click Replace IMEI and then YES. See the picture below.

Change IMEI Android

Step 8. And you will find another box telling you that the Changes will come into force after reset.

Step 9. So you need to restart your phone then verify it by typing *#06# code. Then see whether your lost IMEI is recovered or restored or not.

Hope this post is useful for you.

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