Backup Android IMEI And ROM Using MTKDroidTool

How to backup Android IMEI and ROM using MTKDroidTool very easy. For the Mediatek chipset powered device owners then you can follow the instructions here to backup your data in Android using MTKDroidTool, and this method considered more simple.

This tool can be applied directly on Windows OS without the need to firstly turn off your phone and the most important thing is if your phone get damaged or experience a sudden shutdown, then you still have a hope to fix it by restoring / flashing the backup file made via MTKDroidTool.


Here is how to backup Android IMEI, ROM and data using MTKDroidTools very easy.



  1. Open MtkDroidTools app (download MtkDroidTools-v2.5.3 here).
  2. On your Android device, make sure you already set USB Debugging mode enabled through Developer Options.
  3. Then connect your phone to computer and wait till your device is detected by the MtkDroidTools. (If your device is not identified there is a chance you haven’t installed the driver, thus install it through the MtkDroidTools-v2.5.3 zip file you downloaded above. To install the driver, simply right click on the “InstallDriver.exe” and then choose the run as administrator -> restart your computer).
  4. To backup IMEI, just click IMEI/NVRAM and then click backup, backup IMEI will be stored in “BackupNVRAM” folder as the sub folder MTKDroidTools.
  5. Continue to Backup ROM (System, Data, etc) >> Click on “root,backup,recovery” tab -> click “Backup”.. Wait the process till finish (packing backup = Y, a file backup will be made in zip format), after the backing up process finished, you will then see “backup” folder as the sub folder where the MTKDroidTools is running.

That’s how you backup Android IMEI, ROM, system and data using MTKDroidTool and I hope you find this post helps you out. If you like this post then do not be a stranger to tell your Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook friends so the can have benefits from this post. And as usual see you again in the next posts of the Install Android ROMs blog.

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