How To Enter Recovery Mode On Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the topic I would like to discuss now, this new and great phoneblet is a great phone knowing what it can do to you is a great thing.

One of the features provided by this device that you should know about is entering the recovery mode, this is the environments you will enter anytime you want to perform activities like performing hard reset in case of bootloop, installing a stock firmware wrapped in zip files and etc.


And applying this action will not void your device’s warranty because it’s an official operations that Samsung provides to each product the company make.

And there are two recovery environments in the world of Android, specifically in Samsung Galaxy flagships, one is the stock recovery image that’s brought by the official firmware and the second is a custom recovery. Both of the environments can be entered using the same methods. The most used and less effort method is using button combinations.

And on this post I would like to discuss only two methods you can choose in order to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Pick one that serves you most. As the result you can enter to recovery mode and then perform factory reset, hard reset, flashing firmware or custom ROM, installing custom Kernels, root access, and many more.

How to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

First method to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

  1. First thing first, if your device is ON. Then turn it off. By powering it off.
    Power Off Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  2. Once your device’s completely turned off, then press these three buttons; Volume Up + Home + Power at the same time.
    Enter Recovery Mode Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  3. Keep the buttons pressed until you see recovery menus.
  4. Inside the recovery mode, you can use Volume Up or Down to navigate up or down, then to choose the options you can use Power button.
  5. Once you’ve done just choose the Reboot System Now to boot into normal mode and back to Home screen of your phone.

Second method to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

You can also take the faster way by using a dedicated app to boot into recovery mode, the app name is Quick Boot app, that’s provided for free on Google Play Store. However root access is needed to use the app. Therefore you need to firstly root Android OS device of yours before installing the app.

Once it’s installed, then open it, on the provided menu just select Recovery to enter to the recovery mode.

Recovery Mode Samsung Galaxy Note Quick Boot App

Done. Now you have expertise to enter to recovery mode on your beloved Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Hope you find this post useful.

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