How To Play PS2 Games On PC With PCSX2 Emulator

How to play PS2 games on PC with PCSX2 emulator. For those who do not know, then I will tell you that now you can play PS2 games on your computer or laptop, whether your machine using a Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or even a Windows Vista. You can also use a DVD for it, but I personally suggest you use a ISO file based game.

There are many computer users who are interested to play PS2 games, whether they simply want to have nostalgia or it’s because they are fans so they want to play PS2 game without the need to use a PS2 console.


One of the solution to play PS2 games on computer is to download PlayStation 2 emulator and the game will run almost smooth without experiencing lag or slow at the best speed rate.

Yes I know many PS2 games have been converted to support computer, but still many other games are unable to be played on computer and they only support PS2 machine. That’s why if you wish to play PS2 games on PC then you will need PS2 Emulator namely, PCSX2.

Actually PCSX2 can be applied not only for Windows, it supports other operating systems too like Mac OS X and Linux, but this post only covers the PCSX2 emulator for Windows OS.

PS2 Games On PC PCSX2 Emulator

Minimum requirements your Windows computer must have.

  • At least Dual Core processor.
  • VGA, at least powered with GForce 6600 or Ati Radeon X1300.
  • Your RAM must at least 1GB.
  • OS Windows XP/7 32/64 bit.

How To Play PS2 Games On PC With PCSX2 Emulator

How to install PS2 Emulator (PCSX2) on computer.

Follow the steps and do not ignore any of them.

  1. Firstly you must download PS2 Emulator from its original website.
  2. After it’s fully downloaded, then install it to your computer.
    Game PS2 Play On PC PCSX2 Emulator
    Play PS2 Games With PCSX2 Computer
  3. And after it’s installed, open this shortcut PCSX2 from your desktop and then click on Next.
    Install PCSX2 On PC To Play PS2 Games
  4. And then you will find a box like in the picture below, all you need to do is to change GS to be SSE2 and as for CDVD just change it into LINUZ ISO and leave other options untouched.
    How To Play PS2 Games On PC
  5. Uncheck the Default Setting and then click on Browse to find the ISO game file you have downloaded to your computer to BIOS file.
    Play P2 Games On Computer How To
  6. When done just click Finish, then you will see the following interface.
    How To Play PS2 Games On Computer
  7. Done and now you can select the game you wish to play and enjoy it.
    Play PS2 Game On PC

Note 1.

  • To prevent the game from lagging or slow, all you need to do is doing some actions from the Emulator.
  • Just click on Config – VideoGS – Core GS Setting just choose Speedhacks then check the Enable Speedhacks and then Apply.
  • Again go to Config then select Emulation Settings -> check the Preset -> Apply -> OK.

If after doing the above actions the game still not running as expected then it might be your computer hardware specifications doesn’t meet the requirement.

Note 2.

How to play PS2 game on computer using keyboard or joystick.

To play the game using keyboard or joystick then you can set the r control in PCSX2 on configuration menu then select Controllers (PAD) and if you wish to use joystick then make sure you have it connected or plugged to computer before you set it up through setting.


That’s it now you have an expertise to play PS2 games on computer using a PCSX2 emulator app and hope you find this post useful.

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