How To Root LG G4 H815 10C Without Unlock Bootloader

Again we are delivering to you guys the rooting instructions for LG G4 series, this time the LG G4 H815 10C gets the honor to be explored by us by installing the root file so it can have root access to the most deep system core of the device. Well having a root access has so many benefits for each Android powered phone user, because they can play nearly without any limits to optimize their device to the level of their dream.

And in this post I would like to help you actualize your dream by providing the complete rooting instructions for you to follow. We will be using root file developed and released by a third party Android developer who happens pouring his attentions to optimize number of LG devices. We should thanks the XDA developer member for his tool.


So now if you are ready to root your LG G4 H815 1OC phone then you can prepare everything needed and firstly read the following preconditions.


  • Make sure you have a working Windows OS based computer and a working USB cable.
  • Before doing anything, make necessary backups, do it guys.
  • You need to also enable USB debugging mode of your LG G4 H815 10C.
  • Do not skip any step just follow the instructions entirely.
  • You need to also charge your battery if its power is low.

How to root LG G4 H815 10C without unlock bootloader

Download these files and unzip them to your computer.


  1. Transfer this file system.rooted.phonemodel.img file (After the tar.gz was unzipped) to your device’s root internal SD card using MTP mode.
  2. Afterward boot your device to the Download Mode. Do so by powering off your phone then press Volume Up and then connect your phone to computer.
  3. The drivers installations will begin, just wait guys, okey?
  4. Once the drivers was installed successfully, double click on the ports.bat inside LG_Root folder (This activity will provide us COM port).
    Com Port LG
  5. Now get into the LG_Root folder then press shift button and right click on UPDATE SUPERSU to choose Open command window here.
    Root LG Canadian
  6. Now copy + paste this command while your phone’s Download Mode, change the COM4 with your COM number found in COM port.
    • Send_Command.exe \.COM4
  7. Type id and hit enter on your keyboard.
  8. Now you need to execute this command.
    • dd if=/data/media/0/rootedsystem.img bs=8192 seek=65536 count=548352 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0
  9. Then just wait and you’ll get a “#” prompt. That means the rooting process has been done.
  10. Then type LEAVE and enter. Your device will reboot, then it is also rooted.


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