Install N900W8VLU2DOH1 Android 5.0 Firmware On Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900W8

Samsung just rolled out N900W8VLU2DOH1 (VLU2DOH1) bringing the optimized Android 5.0 Lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900W8 phone. You should grab this update immediately because it comes with optimizations to smooth your device performance and improve its stability with bug-fixes included within this firmware update.

Those who own the phone can now check its availability through System Update (OTA) feature directly on their device, or you can also use the Samsung KIES software installed on your computer by simply connecting your phone using a USB cable. Keep checking its availability, the activity could take sometimes, because it’s rolling to a certain regions that are supported by the firmware.


Or you can use the manual installations, lucky you because this post contains the full installation procedures to bring the VLU2DOH1 (N900W8VLU2DOH1) firmware to your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 device, so if you are interested then you are invited to follow the instructions that come with the download link for the firmware and Odin tool.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900W8


  • Do not flash the N900W8VLU2DOH1 firmware if your device is not Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900W8.
  • If your phone has a root access, then this firmware will restore its kernel, to which will delete your root access.
  • If your device is optimized with a custom recovery then this firmware will replace it with a stock recovery image.
  • Prepare your Windows OS PC and USB cable because they’re needed to connect your device and flash the firmware.
  • You also need to enable USB debugging mode of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900W8.
  • Your Samsung KIES and antivirus installed on your PC should temporarily be disabled because they will prevent Odin from running.
  • Backup all the data you regard very precious before proceeding.
  • Follow each step written on the tutorials below.
  • Just want to say good luck guys.

Download and unzip these files to your beloved PC.

  • Download N900W8VLU2DOH1 (VLU2DOH1) Android 5.0 Lollipop firmware.
  • Download Odin3 v3-07 (If in your computer has Odin, then no need to download it again, just skip this).

How to install N900W8VLU2DOH1 (VLU2DOH1) Android 5.0 Lollipop on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900W8

  1. Your device should be entering the Download Mode. Do so by simply turning it off, afterward press the Volume Down + Home + Power keys altogether.
  2. Now you will see a warning message comes out, just press the Volume Up after your finger release those three buttons.
    Warning Download Mode
  3. Now open Odin when your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900W8 has entered the Download Mode.
    Odin3 v3.07
  4. Now connect your phone to computer using your USB cable.
  5. Added!!! notification can be seen on the message box if your device has been successfully identified by Odin.
    Successfully Connected Phone To PC From Odin
  6. Click the AP (For Odin3 v3.09 or newer) or tap the PDA (For Odin3 v3.07) button to search the firmware you unzipped previously on PC, usually it has .tar.md5 extension.
    PDA On Odin
  7. Click Start button to get Odin flashing the firmware to your Samsung Galaxy Note.
    Start Odin To Flash Tool
  8. PASS appear after the flashing process indicating that the firmware has been flashed successfully.
  9. Restart your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900W8 device now.

Fix bootloop and other errors.

Just perform the factory reset to fix bootloop so your device can boot in normal mode.

Finish and enjoy the new and more optimized firmware powering your Android OS based device.

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