Install TWRP Then Root Huawei MediaPad X2 Tutorials

Hey guys if you want to get the most of your Huawei MediaPad X2 then you should follow the instructions on this post which is to install TWRP recovery and then root your MediaPad X2.

The process is not too simple, yet it’s worth applying. Why I say it’s not simple because you need to firstly unlock your device’s bootloader, download and install ADB, and then


But of course once you’ve managed to install the TWRP custom recovery then root your device. You will reap a huge benefit. I believe you know it.

Anyway before we dig into the tutorials, I invite you to firstly read the preparations below, do it guys.

Huawei MediaPad X2

How to install TWRP recovery on Huawei MediaPad X2.

  1. Now use your USB cable to connect your MediaPad X2 to PC.
  2. Then launch the extracted Minimal ADB & Fastboot folder on your PC.
  3. Then click the py_cmd.exe file to launch command window.
  4. When command window opened, type this command.

    adb devices

    The above command will display all the connected adb device. See whether your device is there and connected.

  5. Now type and execute this command.

    adb reboot-bootloader

    The above command will restart your device.

  6. Now this command.

    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

    The above command will install TWRP recovery on your device.

  7. When the installation process done and TWRP was successfully installed, then choose recovery from Fastboot mode then you will find TWRP logo appears on screen, well you did it guys because you have installed TWRP.
  8. Select reboot system via TWRP to reboot your device.

Change TWRP recovery language into English.

Of course you want an easy to understand language as your newly installed TWRP recovery, to do so, follow the steps below guys.

  1. You must download TWRP recovery theme folder. It’s a zip wrapped file.
  2. Rename the folder to be
  3. Then go to your phone’s internal storage using a file manager.
  4. Then make a new folder and then name it TWRP. Within the TWRP folder, create another folder and then name it theme.
  5. Now transfer the file to theme folder.
  6. You can check it by simply boot your device into TWRP recovery then find out that English is your TWRP main language now.
  7. Finish.

How To Root MediaPad X2.

Now it’s time for us to root Huawei MediaPad X2. Follow the steps below now. Okey?

  1. Be sure you have transferred file to your phone’s internal storage.
  2. Now you must boot into recovery mode, by simply turning off your device then press and hold Power + Volume Down simultaneously.
  3. Inside TWRP recovery just select Install -> find the file on your internal storage device -> tap on it -> then swipe to screen buttom to confirm flashing.
  4. When was successfully installed, back to main menu then select reboot -> system.
  5. Once your device finished rebooting, just check on app drawer, see that SuperSu is there.

Well done my friend you have successfully flashed TWRP recovery and also managed to root your Huawei MediaPad X2.

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