Update Nexus 7 2013 To Android 6.0 MRA58V Marshmallow Tutorials

We now are handed with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google is gradually pushing this out to their device which are Nexus families.

And now the Nexus 7 2013 gets the Android 6.0 MRA58V Marshmallow. This is an official factory image comes with small bug fix and security improvements.


The update is now rolling to over the air utility. If your turn has not come and want to try this update then you are welcomed to follow the manual instructions from this post.


  • Backup your precious data first.
  • Enable USB debugging mode of Nexus 7 2013 of yours.
  • Then prepare your PC and a USB cable.
  • Follow every step without skipping anything.
  • Your bootloader should already be unlocked.
  • You can install the Android 6.0 MRA58V on Nexus 7 2013 even though it’s now powered with a custom ROM.

How to update Nexus 7 2013 to Android 6.0 MRA58V Marshmallow.

Update Nexus 7 2013 to Android 6.0 MRA58V Marshmallow
  1. Now you need to download Android 6.0 factory image based on your Nexus 7 variant and extract the file.
  2. Be sure you have configured Fasboot installed on your PC.
  3. Now you must power off your Nexus 7.
  4. Then boot into the Fasboot or Bootloader mode. Do so by pressing and holding these two buttons; Power + Volume Up until the Fasboot menu appears then Start on top side.
  5. Now go to the firmware file you previously extracted, then find razor-MRA58V and then you must copy all the files then paste them to your Fastboot directory.
  6. Now on the factory image files within Fastboot directory, you must execute the following command based on your OS.
    • For Windows. Execute this flash-all.bat.
    • For Mac. Execute this flash-all.sh via Terminal.
    • For Linux. Execute this flash-all.sh.
  7. Done. Now you need to wait till the entire process done — or if you have not unlocked your bootloader then follow the onscreen instructions to unlock your device’s bootloader.
  8. When the flashing process is entirely done, you will see your device rebooting and the process may take about 5 minutes or more to boot normally. Therefore just be patient. Do not do anything bad.

Well done my friend you just updated your Nexus 7 2013 to the official Android 6.0 MRA58V Marshmallow factory image software.

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