How To Enter Download Mode For Galaxy J

The post you are reading now is containing a complete and accurate instruction to enter to Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy J of yours.

By mastering this activity then you will reap a number of benefits to boost up your device performance, and at the same time increasing your experiences using your Samsung Galaxy J.


The benefits of entering the Download Mode?

Perhaps you need more details information as to why you need to get your Samsung Galaxy J entering to the Download Mode. You need to enter to download mode to either upgrading or downgrading your existing firmware version, to do this you need a specific software developed by Samsung namely Odin, as the flashing tool for the firmware version you wish.

And then you can also use the Download Mode to root your Samsung Galaxy J by the help of Odin to install the root package to your Android smartphone or tablet. Not only that, if you happen to meet a great custom ROM and you wish to install it, some of these kind of ROMs require a download mode instead of recovery mode.

I think you have fully being informed regarding the benefits of entering the Download Mode and if you think you need this expertise, then do not be a stranger to follow the full instructions below, and make sure you follow the instructions entirely without skipping anything, by that you will reap the maximum result guys.

Okey here is how to enter to download mode on Samsung Galaxy J7.

Instructions to enter to download mode for Samsung Galaxy J

  1. If your smartphone is ON, then power it off completely.
  2. After that you need to press these three buttons at the same time; Volume Down + Home + Power.
  3. Keep them pressed, when your Samsung Galaxy J7 showing a Warning like in the following picture.
    Warning Download Mode
  4. Then release those buttons and press Volume Up to continue accessing the Download Mode.
  5. Done.

That’s it. You did it guys. Now you have fully mastered on how to enter to download mode, so anytime you need to access this mode on your Samsung Galaxy J, then you know what to do. Now you can find the things you need like firmware versions to either upgrade or downgrade, or a rooting package, or anything else as the reason for you to enter download mode on your Samsung Galaxy J. Hope you find this post useful guys.

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