How To Find Lost Android Phone If In Silent Mode Or In Ring Off?

Do you know how to find your lost Android phone when it’s in silent mode or in the ring off? Well if you do, then you are at the right place since this post will guide you to the process of finding your lost Android powered phone if it’s left in silent mode.

Surely it’s a paint in the back when you need your handset yet you can find it, and you finally realize they you set it on silent mode.


For a second it looks like a frustrating situation, because it’s useless to call it using other phone because your phone will not be ringing, because it is in silent mode. You really need that phone because you want to see the data or contacts you save in it.

Well do not loose hope yet. Because in the Android realm, almost there is a help for every inconvenient situation.

How to find a lost Android smartphone or tablet when it’s in Silent mode?

How To Find Lost Android Phone If In Silent Mode Or In Ring Off?

To find your lost silent mode Android phone then you can utilize the ability offered by an Android app called Wheres My Droid that’s available on Google Play Store. Wheres My Droid will text your phone with a special code. So if your lost phone gets the code, then it will ring at maximum volume so you can hear it and follow the sound to find it.

How to install Wheres My Droid to find lost phone when the ring is off?

What you need now is launching Google Play Store from other Android based device. And then search for the Wheres My Droid app. Once you find it. Then install the app right away guys. After it’s fully installed you can launch it.

Or simply head to its page; Wheres My Droid on Google Play Store.

  1. And then change the default secret message to activate your smartphone’s alarm, this to prevent anybody to do the same.
  2. And then launch Wheres My Droid to configure its settings. You need to alter the Attention word and Attention word GPS. And set the duration time of the alert plays when it’s needed.

    Note. Your GPS should be enabled in order for the GPS feature to run.

    Enable GPS Wheres My Droid
  3. Now to find your lost phone just text it using other phone containing a secret message you set earlier. And your lost phone will then ring delivering an alert at maximum volume.
  4. In case your Android phone or table is stolen, then this app can detect its and the thief location in Geofence area section, only if the GPS is activated. See the image below guys.
    Wheres My Droid Detect Thief That Stole Android Phone Or Tablet
  5. Done.

In case there is no other phone for you to use, then you can use email to send email to your smartphone / tablet number. This will work the same as texting it. To do so, just use the format below and change with your phone number.

  • T-Mobile;
  • Verizon;
  • Virgin Mobile;
  • Cingular;
  • Sprint;
  • Nextel;

Other option to find lost phone if it’s silent / vibrate mode or not ringing. And I do hope you find your Android phone or tablet guys.Tell me your experience using the app. And see you again on my next and upcoming posts guys.

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