How To Root Samsung Galaxy Infinite With Or Without PC

Root Android instructions I will share now is not too different with other similar rooting procedure I previously posted regarding how to root Samsung Galaxy with or without computer.

But in case you don’t know how to root your Samsung Infinite SCH-I759 without or with PC, then you will find the complete rooting tutorials from here.


Remember. The rooting Samsung Galaxy Infinite SCH-I759 tutorials shared here has been tested and work 100%, but you are recommended to follow them attentively so you will find no error.

And if you experience any technical issues during or after rooting process. Then the risks are yours to bear.

The easiest way to rot Samsung galaxy infinite sch-i759 without PC, and with computer are here for you to follow, okey?


How to root Samsung Galaxy Infinite  using computer.

  1. Open vRoot app you have previously installed.
  2. Now connect your Samsung Galaxy Infinite to computer using USB cable.
    Root Samsung Galaxy Infinite SCH-i759 With PC
  3. Now wait till the vRoot finished detecting your Android smartphone.
  4. If a notification appears, just ignore it, guys.
  5. Once your phone is detected by vRoot, just click the Root button on the down right side.
    Root Samsung Galaxy Infinite SCH-i759
  6. Now wait till the whole process finished, and if it’s done then your smartphone will reboot.
    vRoot Samsung Galaxy Infinite Done
  7. Take off the data cable from your computer if it’s done.
  8. After your smartphone has finished rebooting and on again, check on your main menu to see whether the SuperSU has been installed and displayed. If the app is available that means the rooting process has successfully done.
  9. Delete the new app entered from vRoot on your Samsung Galaxy Infinite that come with Chinese language. And if you wish to unroot your smartphone just select the Unroot menu via vRoot.

How to root Samsung Galaxy Infinite without PC.

  1. Root Master 1.3.6_Cekas.apk here (2.86MB) and then install it on your Samsung Galaxy Infinite and then run it.
  2. Select Mulai Root.
    Mulai Root Samsung Galaxy Infinite
  3. And then choose Root.
    Root Galaxy Infinite
  4. But if you find a notification like in the following picture, you better select Batal.
    Root Galaxy Infinite
  5. Rooting process will start running, after the process done then manually reboot your Samsung Galaxy Infinite. If the your smartphone is on again, please check your smartphone menu to see whether an icon namely Perizinan Rumah Tangga is there? If that’s so, your phone was successfully rooted.
    Root Samsung Galaxy Infinite SCH-i759 With PC Tutorials


  • Once you have successfully rooted your Root Samsung Galaxy Infinite SCH-i759 , then you can delete its Root Master.
  • To unroot; then you can simply launch Root permission > Setup > Root access is gone > Clean.

To be sure whether your Samsung Galaxy Infinite is rooted then you can use Root Checker app.


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