Root YU Yunique YU4711 Without Computer

Here is how to root YU Yunique YU4711 without computer using KingRoot app that can be installed directly on your smartphone. So if any of you wish to boost up your YU Yunique YU4711 ability then you should root it.

YU Yunique YU4711

Once it’s rooted. Many things great await you to enjoy. One of which is installing a custom ROM from the available awesome non-stock ROMs on the internet.



  • Backup your existing data now.
  • Enable Unknown Sources from your smartphone by going to Settings -> Security -> Enable Unknown Sources option here.
  • Your device warranty will be nullified for rooting your device.
  • You do not need any computer or laptop.
  • Follow the whole steps without skipping any step to be successful.
  • Your YU Yunique YU4711 must be powered with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop firmware.

Remember to follow the rooting instructions here but all the risks are yours to take.

Instructions to root YU Yunique YU4711 without computer.

  1. Download the KingRoot app on your YU Yunique YU4711 first.
  2. Install it. When it’s installed. Then go to your app drawer to find the KingRoot app icon — usually it’s a crown or flash icon that depends on Kingroot version you downloaded.
    KingUser Root App
  3. And then click on the icon to launch the app.
  4. Then tap on the Start button to start the rooting process.
    Root Android KingRoot
  5. The rooting process is only about minutes and once done you will see the following notification or such.
    Root KingRoot Successfully

Well done my friend because your YU Yunique YU4711 is fully rooted. Congratulation.

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