How To Record Phone Conversations On Asus ZenFone Easily

Recording phone conversations on Asus Zenfone is not a hard task because the ability to record your phone call is provided without any difficulty by Asus. A few months ago I decided to record my phone conversations with someone, I had to do it for some reasons, I told the man I talked to that our conversations will be recorded and he said oke, no problem.

And once the conversations ended, he said good bye, then I listened the record. It was clear and loud. Asus does really great on this recording business. Because of that, I have decided to share the how to guide for recording conversations on Asus Zenfone on this post, for anyone who need it can be helped always.


Asus provides two methods for us to record our phone conversations, and all the methods will be elaborated here, okey?

How to record phone conversations on Asus ZenFone easily.

First method, using manual recording.

The first method only applies if you activate while you are making call. To do so. Simply follow the following steps.

  1. Call or dial the number of the person you wish to record the conversations.
  2. And when you are on the conversations with him or her.
  3. Just tap the following rec button.
    Rec Button To Record Phone Conversations On Asus ZenFone
  4. And then the recording will start.
  5. The result of the recording can be listened on Sound Recorder appSound Record App On Asus ZenFone Android.

Second method, automatically recording.

The second method will automatically record every call you make.

Step 1. Power on your phone then go to Settings.

Step 2. And then tap on Call Settings.

Call Settings For Recording Phone Conversations On Asus ZenFone

Step 3. Continue with tapping the Auto Call Recording.

Auto Call Recording For Asus ZenFone

Step 4. You need to also tap the Auto Call Recording.

Auto Call Recording On Asus ZenFone Phone

Step 5. For listening the result you can simply head to internal storage -> call recording.

Well done because you have mastered the steps to record phone conversations on your Asus ZenFone smartphone.

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