Unlock Bootloader European LG G5 (H850)

This post will try to guide you to unlock the bootloader of your European LG G5 (H850) phone. You are invited to follow the full guides here to further number of benefits from the unlocked bootloader LG G5.

The unlocking process will require the use of ADB & Fastboot command. So you need to have a Windows based computer and a USB cable in order to send prompt commands to your Android powered phone guys.


LG G5 H850 is a superb phone offering many outstanding features from both inside and outside the phone. The quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor powered phone comes with 4GB RAM that’s enough for expecting the best performance.

So can you imagine what will it be if it’s bootloader unlocked? You can install a custom recovery such as TWRP, root it as well, or anything your heart content. That’s what this post is all about to help you unlocking your European based LG G5 (H850) bootloader.

If you are ready let’s start it with reading the following preconditions first.

Unlock Bootloader European LG G5 (H850)


Remember to that whatever risks that may happen during or after the bootloader unlocking procedures are totally your responsible, neither me nor the original sources of the instructions should be held responsible for any possible damages — whether it’s soft or hard — to your device. Proceed at your own risk. None forcing you to do this.

How to unlock bootloader European LG G5 (H850)

First step. Get the device id via CMD.

  1. You can now connect your device to computer, then execute the following command in cmd black box.

    adb reboot bootloader

    adb reboot bootloader

  2. Execute the following command then on the command prompt.

    fastboot oem device-id

    fastboot oem device-id

  3. See you have now seeing your Device-ID. The line started with CDXXXXXX is your device ID. You should write it down on text app like Wordpad or such. We will use it to unlock your device’s bootloader. With that ID you will have unlock key from LG. So now head to the next step.

Second step find IMEI number.

You need to get IMEI number, do so by dial this string *#06# on your LG G5 (H850) smartphone.

Third step. Get the unlocking key.

  1. Open LG developer website, then log in using your account credentials, if you don’t have one then register first.
  2. On the menu, find the Start Unlocking the Bootloader button, and then accept the legal term needed.
  3. In here you need to enter your IMEI number and device ID.
  4. Continue your step with clicking the Confirm button.
  5. If things went well, you will receive the unlock.bin through email (The email you use when registering to LG developer site).
  6. Download the unlock.bin to your computer.
  7. Now, when your LG G5 (H850) is still in fastboot, just type the command below to unlock your device’s bootloader.

    fastboot flash unlock unlock.bin

  8. The process above will unlock your bootloader and factory resetting your entire data. Make sure you have backups already.
  9. When done, just reboot your device, by typing this command.

    fastboot reboot

Well done guys have succesfully unlocked your LG G5 H850 bootloader.

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