Adblock Plus For Android Installation Guides

Adblock Plus Android. Surely as Android phones owners, we are now using it to browse the internet more often.

And unfortunately, ads from any websites we visit tend to deliver bad attitudes like popping up instantly covering the web page we wish to read. The situation is of course very disturbing.


Android Plus is the famous ad blocker for mobile device’s browser that can be installed on any Android OS phones.

How to set Ad Block Plus on Android?

Adblock Plus

In the past we can download Adblock Plus directly from Google Play Store. But now Google had taken down the app for a reason. Luckily I found a way that I consider easy to install and configure this handy app on your Android phone or tablet


Root is needed however.

If you use Android 3.1 or newer, or your device supports the manual proxy configuration, then you don’t need to root your device. However you can check whether your device is rooted or not, but it’s not yet rooted then you are going to need to root it first.

Enable Unknown Sources mode first.

  1. On your Android, enter the Settings.
  2. Open the Applications or Security, depends on your device’s model.
  3. Choose Device Administration tab or similar settings and then check the Unknown Sources.


How to install AdBlock Plus without Google Play Store.

  1. Enter the official website of Adblock for Android.
  2. Click the Download button or scan QR code.
  3. You will then see the downloading process and wait for a few minutes. Click the file if you the APK file is not automatically running. Click Install.
  4. Click OK, after it’s installed, you will see Filtering.
  5. If the Adblock Plus is unable to configure your device’s proxy automatically, then you need to configure it manually. To do so just click the Configure. Then follow the instructions from the dialogue box and then set the Proxy to localhost and Port to 2020.
    • Note. On this post I use Samsung device. Options could be various on the different phones, but in overall the procedures are the same by opening the wireless setting.
  6. Press the Wi-Fi network — see the example below and click “Modify Network Config”.
  7. Choose and tick the “show advanced options” below “Proxy”. Select Manual and type “localhost” and Port 2020.
    Adblock Plus Android
    • Note. If you are told to configure the network setting, then wait for a few minutes and let the changes come to effect.

On this tutorial, I reboot my device till the warning sign disappear.

Aside from that there is ability too to tick “Advanced setting” to modify other part of the app, like start to boot or refresh the Wi-Fi network.

AdBlock Plus Advanced Settings Android

So how to check whether Adblock Plus is already installed and running on our Android device? Just open the apps that contain advertisements or visit the website with ads.

See the image below as example, on the left picture Adblock Plus is deactivated. On the right picture, Adblock Plus is activated, and you can see the ad banner is gone.

Adblock Plus

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