Enter / Boot To EDL Via Fasboot

Enter / boot to EDL via Fasboot mode. As we know that almost every Qualcomm powered Android PDAs support EDL or emergency download mode, with that we can unlock bootloader of our device, unbrick our bricked device and or modify the parameters of protected smartphone.

Only if the ADB interface can be accessed then we can use adb reboot edl command in order to enter to EDL mode.


Albeit the fasboot mode can be accessed we still can’t boot to full ADB on bricked PDAs. And in the locked bootloader device, it’s impossible to install a partition or boot an image.

Albeit several firmware can reboot to EDL in Android bootloader aboot module — widely known “reboot-edl” command, but unfortunately Fastboot can recognize such command line therefore it rejects to deliver the command to the device.

Because Fastboot command protocol is just a text based and simple utility, therefore we can take another road by sending a package with reboot-edl text to USB.

Enter Boot To EDL Via Fasboot Mode

So to deal with the problem is.

Just change the text reboot-bootloader to reboot-edl in Windows fastboot.exe file. Because reboot-bootloader is the command line recognized by Fastboot and it will send it to device.

Therefore, if we replace “reboot-bootloader” text with “reboot-edl”, then we can execute the reboot-edl to fasboot and fasboot will send the command to the device.

Instructions to enter / boot to EDL mode via Fastboot.

  1. Now you need to download this fasboot.edl zip file, then extract it to you any empty folder.
  2. Now boot your device to Fastboot mode — if you use Xiaomi then can be done by pressing Volume Down and Power till the bunny comes out.
  3. Now plug your device to computer.
  4. Double clicking on the edl (edl.cmd) file from the zip file you previously extracted.
  5. Your phone will reboot, then entering to EDL mode.
  6. Now run MiFlash, wait for a few seconds, then Refresh, you should see COM port in the list.
  7. Now continue with MiFlash now!
  8. Finish.

Check whether it’s working or not.

If the method works to your device, simply launch aboot image via Fastboot firmware file (emmc_appsboot.mbn or similar file) in a hex viewer/editor and then search the “reboot-edl” string.

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